Tips for Sleeping With a Partner

Updated December 14, 2022

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Trouble Sleeping With Significant Other?

Sometimes when you and your partner sleep together for the first time, you discover that you are not getting the best sleep. There could be issues with each other sleeping habits, sleeping positions, or the mattress itself. This page will provide sleeping tips on sharing a bed with your sleeping partner as well as what to look for in a new mattress to help you obtain a better night's sleep.

Go for a Large Mattress

To give yourself some space, purchase a king-size mattress or get as big of a mattress as you can afford. If you and your partner sleep together in a small bed and you move in your sleep, you could accidentally kick or push each other awake. Being trapped in a small space could lead to you and your partner eventually getting sick of each other.

The safe way to go is to make sure you can each sprawl out. This is a great way to make sure everybody sticks to their side of the bed and you don’t wake each other in the middle of the night.

Block Out Snoring

A snoring-free sleeping environment will lead to better sleep. If you are a snorer or your partner snores consider using a white noise machine or some other noisemaker to sleep. Some people may recommend using earplugs when you go to bed, but these can cause discomfort and do more harm than good for your health and sleeping quality. For other sounds that are good for sleep, check out our page on best sounds for sleep.

One way to stop snoring is a good pillow to support the head and neck area. Keeping your head propped up is a great way to help reduce snoring. Another option is to purchase an adjustable base to prop yourself up. If snoring is severe, see a sleep doctor to be treated for sleep apnea.

Invest in a Motion Isolating Mattress

If you and your partner can feel each other’s movements, invest in a mattress that is made to help with motion transfer. All-foam or memory foam mattresses tend to consistently perform well with motion isolation because they absorb motion on the surface. Hybrid, latex, and spring mattresses with pocketed coil technology will also provide reliable motion isolation. Looking into a good mattress topper can also help if you are shopping on a budget.

Sleep Separately

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If you simply cannot stop waking each other for some reason, sleep in separate beds. This could be as simple as buying a split king mattress you are sleeping on together but on two different mattresses. If you find each other hogging the sheets, simply use separate sheets. If all else fails, some couples sleep in separate rooms but this should be a last resort.

Tempur-Pedic makes split king mattresses, or you can always just buy two twin xl mattresses from any brand to create your own split king. If you'd like a split California King, Tempur-Pedic makes those as well, they are not as easy to DIY.

Find a Mattress That Allows Movement

Finding a mattress that allows motion is important to couples who wish to maintain a healthy sex life. The most recommended mattresses are hybrid and latex. Some memory foam mattresses can restrict movement. Spring mattresses will provide bounce and support to help with mobility.

Know Your Firmness Level

It is very possible that you and your partner will want a bed with a different comfort level. Mattresses that rank 5-6 on our comfort scale tend to make a great compromise mattress if you and your partner have sleep preferences that are far apart from each other. Medium mattresses tend to provide a good night’s sleep to people of all sleeping positions.

Find a Cooling Mattress

A couple sleeping together will face more issues with sleeping hot than someone who sleeps alone. Luckily most of our mattresses have some sort of cooling technology added to them. Some mattresses have a mattress topper that is designed to wick away moisture. Others are built to allow airflow like a pocketed coil mattress or they have a layer of cooling gel to absorb body heat.

If one of you is a hot sleeper avoid sleeping too close together or trying to cuddle with your partner. If you make each other too warm you risk causing them to wake up at night. Frequent issues could lead to sleep deprivation

Choose Edge Support

Do you want to be able to use every inch of your mattress? Make sure you choose a mattress that provides reliable edge support. Edge support is usually done with a row or two of extra coils around the perimeter of the mattress forming a firm barrier for the inner portion of the springs. It is also good to keep you from rolling off the bed. This can be found in some innerspring beds.

Memory foam mattresses are not built with additional edge support; however, the foam will do a good job of holding you in place because it will conform to your body. The best option is typically a hybrid mattress because it is built with metal coils with a layer of memory foam or latex. Check out our page on edge support for more information.

Consider Materials

Two people on a mattress will wear it out faster than just one. Make sure you invest in mattresses that will stand the test of time. There are several factors that go into how long a mattress will last such as the weight of the sleepers and the amount of time spent on the mattress. To find out more factors to consider in terms of mattress durability, check out our page.


When sleeping with a partner it is important to give each other some room. This includes buying a mattress that is big enough for two. Make sure your mattress allows you to move about freely without causing sleep problems for each other.

Keep yourselves cool, two people in the bed will generate more body heat. Make sure your mattress is comfortable for both of you, consider a split bed, or a compromise mattress. Invest in a mattress that is made with quality materials so it can support the two of you and last a long time.

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