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Spring Air has been an industry-leading mattress brand since 1926, when they started out in Holland, Michigan. Their innovations have been widely mimicked by other leading competitors. Spring Air makes a large variety of comfortable and supportive mattresses from quality materials.

Outline of Spring Air Review

  1. Type of Construction
  2. Overview of Spring Air Collections
  3. Top 5 Best Rated Spring Air Mattresses
  4. Collection Comparisons
  5. Pros and Cons of Spring Air
  6. Key Spring Air Mattress Features
  7. Delivery Method
  8. Spring Air Brand Information
  9. Conclusion With Recommendations

Type of Construction

Cutaway image of a Spring Air mattress with a woman laying on it

Spring Air has innerspring, hybrid, and all-foam mattresses. They make Gflex gel memory foam mattresses that are specific to the Embrace and Exquisite collections. Their Hotel Collection provides the more traditional double-sided innerspring mattresses. The Back Supporter Collection is constructed with center zoning which adds firmness in the middle of the bed for extra back support, as is the Four Seasons Back Supporter Collection.

Spring Air Mattress Collections - An Overview

Back Supporter

The Back Supporter line has center zoning for enhanced back support, which helps keep the spine aligned. Each mattress is topped with several layers of quality foam for pressure relief.

There is a wide range of comfort levels, from very firm to very soft, so you can find the back support that suits you. For further information, read our Back Supporter Review.

Embrace and Exquisite

The Embrace mattresses and Exquisite mattresses use Gflex Gel Memory Foam, which is a high-performance memory foam that is very durable and provides pressure relief for those pain points. Gel memory foam has a cooling element that creates a more restful night of sleep by minimizing overheating.

There are firm and medium comfort levels in this collection. The Embrace collection has custom-sized mattresses for those looking for a non-traditional size.

Hotel & Suites

The Hotel & Suites mattresses have a traditional innerspring feel and are double-sided, meaning you can flip them. They use latex, memory foam, and pocketed coils, which provide support in all the right places and decrease motion transfer.

Sleep Sense Hybrid Plus

The Sleep Sense Hybrid Plus collection has quilts made with antimicrobial fibers for a healthier sleep environment. The Milan Luxe Knit gives these mattresses a unique feel and look.

They have an encased coil system that conforms to your body. The gel-infused memory foam inserts extend the comfort life and the gel/Visco lumbar support ensures a supported back and aligned spine.

Four Seasons Back Supporter

The Four Seasons Back Supporter collection has zoned individually wrapped coils for extra back support. True to the name, it caters to specific seasons with year-round temperature regulation.

A number of the mattresses have quilts woven with wool antimicrobial fibers on one side to help sleepers stay warm during fall and winter. The flipside has silk antimicrobial fibers, allowing more airflow for a cooler sleep during the spring and summer months.

Certain models are available in custom sizes for those who need a non-traditional size. To learn more about this collection, read our Four Seasons Back Supporter Review.

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Top 5 Best Rated Spring Air Mattresses

Mattress Name Quick Overview Video Recommendation  

VIP Grand Estate Double Sided Euro Top mattress
VIP Grand Estate Double Sided Euro Top

  • Collection: Hotel & Suites
  • Comfort: Plush
  • Comfort Scale: 8.5
  • Material: Innerspring
  • Mattress Height: 15"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Guarantee: 120 Days

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Value Wilshire Euro Top mattress

Value Wilshire Euro Top

  • Collection: Back Supporter
  • Comfort: Plush
  • Comfort Scale: 7.5
  • Material: Innerspring
  • Mattress Height: 12"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Guarantee: 120 Days

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Athena Plush Pillowtop mattress
Athena Plush Pillowtop
  • Collection: Four Seasons
  • Comfort: Plush
  • Comfort Scale: 8
  • Material: Latex
  • Mattress Height: 16"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Guarantee: 120 Days

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Contessa Double Sided Firm mattress
Contessa Double-Sided Firm
  • Collection: Four Seasons
  • Comfort: Firm
  • Comfort Scale: 3
  • Material: Innerspring
  • Mattress Height: 12"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Guarantee: 120 Days

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Perfect Balance Savannah Pillow Top mattress
Perfect Balance Savannah Pillow Top
  • Collection: Hotel
  • Comfort: Medium
  • Comfort Scale: 4.5
  • Material: Innerspring
  • Mattress Height: 13"
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Guarantee: 120 Days

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Spring Air Mattress Collection Comparisons & Key Features


Back Supporter mattress
Back Supporter

Embrace and Exquisite mattress
Embrace and Exquisite

Hotel & Suites mattress
Hotel & Suites

Sleep Sense mattress, corner view
Sleep Sense Hybrid Plus

Four Seasons Back Supporter mattress
Four Seasons







Mattress Only Height







  • Firm to soft comfort levels

  • Center zoning

  • Innerspring or all-foam construction

  • Firm to medium comfort levels

  • Gflex gel memory foam

  • All foam construction

  • Custom sizes

  • Firm to soft comfort feels

  • Innerspring construction

  • Double-sided

  • Firm to soft comfort feels

  • Hybrid construction

  • Firm to soft comfort feels

  • Several flippable models

  • Custom sizes

  • Center zoning

Guarantee & Warranty

  • 120 Days

  • 10 Years

  • 120 Days

  • 10 Years (full), 10 Years (prorated), 20 Years (warranty against manufacturer's defects)

  • 120 Days

  • 10 Years

  • 120 Days

  • 10 Years

  • 120 Days

  • 10 Years

  • Wide range of comfort and support levels
  • Many price points available
  • Huge variety of quality materials
  • Innerspring, hybrid, or all-foam constructions are available
  • Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King, and some custom sizes
  • A long-standing brand that's known for innovation
  • Custom-sized beds available in several collections
  • Different product names at various retailers make it hard to compare
  • Not all models are widely available throughout the market
  • Cannot buy directly from the manufacturer

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More on Key Spring Air Mattress Features

Hand imprint in gel memory foam

Gflex Gel Memory Foam

Gflex Gel Memory Foam is a type of memory foam that is combined with a high-performance gel, which helps you sleep cooler and reduces painful pressure points. This means less tossing and turning for a deeper night of rest. It is a very durable material, so it will extend the comfort life of your mattress. It is recommended for those who enjoy the contouring of memory foam, but may not want to experience the sinking feeling.

Available in the Embrace and Exquisite collections. Sleep Sense Hybrid Plus models have gel-infused memory foam inserts.

Close up rendering of foam encased edge support

Foam Encased Edge Support

The foam-encased edge support uses a high-density bloc foam, which provides uniform support across the entire mattress, as well as a firm seating edge. This helps prevent that rolling-off-the-edge feeling, which is especially beneficial for couples who are sharing a mattress.

Center Zoning

Center zoning delivers long-lasting back support using high-density coils or body contouring with an individually encased coil design. The added firmness in the middle of the bed with this design would be very helpful to those dealing with back pain who need that extra support throughout the night.

Available on the Back Supporter and Four Seasons Back Supporter collections.

Antimicrobial Fibers

Antimicrobial fibers are woven into the quilt to provide a healthier night of sleep. They are resistant to mold, mildew, and dust-mites, meaning they can be of great help to those suffering from allergies. The antimicrobial fibers will go a long way in maintaining a fresh and clean mattress, improving the nightly experience, and extending the life of the mattress.

Delivery Method

Spring Air mattresses are available through several stores and online retailers. Delivery will be made by an in-home team and is usually free. There are additional options to add in-home setup and removal of your old mattress.


All Spring Air mattresses have a 10-year warranty against factory defects.

More about Spring Air

Spring Air originated many mattress designs and features now used by leading competitors. Francis Karr, the founder, came up with the free-end double offset coil design. This design uses progressive resistance, which adjusts to meet each sleeper’s comfort needs. This became the most copied design in the industry and was only the beginning of how they would shake things up.

Spring Air started the trend of using a quilted surface, rather than a button-top. In the '50s, they introduced the Health Center mattress. It was the first design with separate support zones for different areas of the body. Spring Air also introduced the pillow top mattress in 1973, which has become a staple feature in the industry.

Spring Air is a global brand, with 8 domestic factories and 35 international licensees. They operate in 43 countries around the world.

Under the Spring Air umbrella is a luxury brand called Chattam & Wells. Read our Chattam & Wells Mattress Review to learn more about it.


Spring Air is an industry-leading mattress company. They have quality mattresses at reasonable prices, with a wide variety to choose from. There's a bed for every need and preference, from side sleepers to back sleepers.

If you need extra back support, there are many options in the Back Supporter Collection. It provides mattresses with center zoning. This collection has the widest range of prices available by Spring Air. The Embrace and Exquisite Collections use a durable Gflex gel memory foam. They're especially great for sleeping cooler and reducing pressure on any pain points. The Hotel & Suites Collection offers traditional feeling mattresses at a value price. They are double-sided, so you can flip them to experience that showroom feeling once again.

The different features offered by Spring Air show its innovative nature. This long-standing brand has an extensive history of helping people get their best sleep. They are true to their values of quality, innovative design, and value.

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