Stearns & Foster Luxury Firm Mattresses


Stearns Firm

A firm mattress from Stearns & Foster provides a luxurious sleeping experience combined with solid, robust support. Stearns & Foster's twice tempered titanium alloy coil systems are some of the most effective in the industry, allowing for a flexible foundation with good contouring capabilities without sacrificing support. The high-end models feature memory foam layers as well as Stearns & Foster's signature Intellicoil technology, for one of the most supportive designs on the market. If you are a back sleeper who suffers from waking up with sore joints and muscles, a Stearns & Foster firm mattress will revolutionize both your sleeping and waking hours.

Although firm mattresses are generally designed for back sleepers and some stomach sleepers, Stearns & Foster has models in their Luxury Firm category that range from a 1 to a 5.5 on our Comfort Scale. Mattresses with a Comfort Scale rating of 1 are considered hard, the firmest score possible, while a Comfort Scale rating of 5.5 is considered medium, and suitable for all sleeping types. Stearns & Foster also has Luxury Firm models in a range of price points, so no matter your budget or sleeping position, there is a firm Stearns & Foster mattress perfect for you. Shop with us for the best deals on Stearns & Foster!