Stearns & Foster Luxury Plush Mattresses


Stearns Plush

Stearns and Foster is the country's #1 luxury mattress brand. With a reputation like that, you can expect every one of their mattresses to reflect quality and craftsmanship. Stearns and Foster's plush mattresses are some of their most popular, putting high-end comfort materials to use on top of Stearns and Foster's infamous coil systems. Plush mattresses are so named because they have a good amount of give, as opposed to firm mattresses, and work best for side and back sleepers. Stomach sleepers don't want to go too plush, because they may find they sink in too far which can overextend the arch of the back.

Stearns & Foster plush size mattresses tend to fall in the medium to very soft range on our Comfort Scale. So whether you want cloud-like enveloping softness, or a mid-range comfort with above average contouring, Stearns & Foster has several options for you to choose from. And shopping with US-Mattress, you can rest assured you are getting the lowest price available anywhere, so there's no need to shop around. These are the same high-quality Stearns & Foster plush mattresses, we just offer them at the lowest price possible, and ship them free to your doorstep!