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Stearns & Foster Reserve Mattress

The Reserve collection from Stearns & Foster reflects the top-of-the-line options from the most popular luxury mattress brand. The starting price for the Reserve collection is higher than the other Stearns & Foster collections, but the upgrade is worth every penny. In it you'll find the exclusive Hybrid Pillow-Top layer that fine-tunes the comfort and support of the mattress so you can experience enveloping comfort and pressure relief simultaneously with accurate support.

The Stearns & Foster Reserve models have a tendency toward medium-soft to medium-firm comforts, working well for the vast majority of sleepers, especially couples who don't agree on an exact comfort level. If you are in the market for a high-end innerspring mattress, Stearns & Foster Reserve may be right for you.

Comfort Layers and Mattress Support

Each Stearns & Foster Reserve mattress boasts an impressive lineup of high-quality components. Each S&F Reserve model is a pillowtop mattress, and each contains some form of gel foam for advanced pressure relief and temperature regulation. Each of these models also utilizes Stearns & Foster's unique IntelliCoil 2.0 Coil System for core support, ensuring precise and solid support to every curve of your body. Couple that with a pillowtop support layer with mini coils, Marvelux Gel Foam, and Advanced Adapt Foam, and you have the makings of a truly remarkable mattress.

You may also wonder how durable is the Stearns & Foster Reserve? Each Stearns & Foster Reserve mattress comes backed by a 10 year warranty without the need to flip or rotate, meaning any one of these models should last you a minimum of a decade. So if you are looking for the finest mattresses from America's #1 luxury mattress brand, the Reserve collection by Stearns & Foster may be just the solution. Shop our selection of Stearns & Foster Reserve models for a range of comforts and lower prices than you'll find anywhere else.