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Stearns & Foster California King Mattresses

With a Stearns & Foster California King size mattress, you are getting the longest of the standard mattress sizes from America's premier luxury mattress brand. Finding a mattress when you're over six feet tall can sometimes be a challenge (especially in a showroom), and finding one that actually suits your comfort preferences in addition to size requirements can seem impossible. That's why you've got us. US-Mattress has a huge selection of California King size mattresses from all of the popular brands, and for cheaper than you would ever find them in a showroom or even online!

We offer Stearns & Foster Cal King mattresses in a range of comforts and price points so you won't only have the length taken care of, but also a comfort level just right for you at a price point to fit your budget. Stearns & Foster produces some of the finest mattresses readily available, having mastered the innerspring design with their unique coil-in-coil technology. So if you're ready to upgrade from an okay mattress where your feet hang off the end of the bed, to a luxurious and spacious mattress designed just for you, then let us help you get the very best deal on your perfect match.