Best Mattresses for Teenagers

Supporting a Changing Body

Teenagers have a lot on their plates. They have to juggle school, friends, after-school activities and work, all while dealing with a body that's changing in many ways. With the growth spurts and development that happen to the body during the teen years, it's vitally important that teens sleep on a mattress that adequately supports their changing bodies.

Teens should be getting 8-10 hours of sleep each night. It also matters that they're getting high-quality sleep. So, whether you buy them an innerspring mattress or a memory foam mattress, make sure it's got the right construction and materials to provide comfortable support.

Typically, pocketed coils are the best type of coil system, giving more contouring support and reducing annoyances such as motion transfer. Edge support can help prevent active sleepers from rolling off the edge of the bed. The size is an important factor as well.

Many kids sleep on twin mattresses, but as they grow and develop, a twin mattress might quickly become inadequate. Twin XL, full, and full XL mattresses offer teens a sleep surface that will adequately support the body and allow for growth and development. No matter what size is best for your teen, it's also imperative that the mattress offers the right blend of comfort and support for the way they sleep.

Be sure to include your teen in discussions about their new mattress. Find out about comfort preferences and regular sleeping positions to ensure you get a mattress that will give your teen the best sleep possible.

Teen Mattress Recommendations

This selection represents the mattresses that our experts feel are best equipped to give teenagers the amount of comfort and support necessary for deep, healthy sleep. With models available at every price point, you can be sure you'll find a mattress that will deliver great sleep to your teen but also won't break the bank.

According to the Sleep Foundation, The most popular mattress firmness levels for teenagers is ranged from medium-soft (4) to medium-firm (6). In the end; however, it will come down to their overall sleep preferences.

Ask your teen about the firmness levels they like. It's also important to find out how your teen sleeps. A stomach sleeper will need a more firm mattress, while a side sleeper will need something softer to relieve the shoulder and hip pressure points. You don't want them waking up with aches and pains!

If you're not sure what type of mattress is best for your teen, or if you'd like further recommendations and opinions about your teen's sleep, don't hesitate to call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with one of our friendly experts who will gladly assist you.

Our Best Mattresses for Teens

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