Tempur-Pedic Breeze Mattress Collection

Tempur-Pedic has changed the mattress industry for good with their memory foam technology over the last decade and a half. Their TEMPUR-Breeze collection shows how advanced their memory foam has gotten.

Of the few drawbacks some found with memory foam mattresses, heat retention was the most prevalent. Memory foam is a more dense material than traditional innerspring mattresses, which can mean less airflow and higher temperatures on the sleeping surface.

For some, this is not an issue. Those who struggle with staying warm at night may view this as an advantage. However, hot sleepers may want the benefits of memory foam without sweating all night.

Enter TEMPUR-Breeze. Tempur-Pedic is a company devoted to customer satisfaction and cutting-edge mattress technology. So, it wasn't long before they created a new line of mattresses that addressed the heat retention issue that some consumers struggled with.

While a cooling mattress pad or other aftermarket solution may have helped solve the problem, Tempur-Pedic has designed the TEMPUR-Breeze collection with built-in mattress cooling technology. It's designed to be the perfect solution for those who want all of the benefits of memory foam as well as temperature regulation.

TEMPUR-Breeze Cooling Technology

Each of the models in the TEMPUR-Breeze collection is designed from the ground up with cutting-edge technology that will combat heat retention. The cooling top cover helps dissipate body heat and pulls thermal energy away from the torso where heat retention is most problematic. By doing this, the heat is distributed to eliminate uncomfortable warm pockets.

Next, PureCool Comfort Technology is infused into the TEMPUR material to help maintain a lower temperature. The PureCool works with the ventilated lower layers of the mattress to allow more airflow and transfer trapped body heat out of the mattress.

The Pro Breeze mattresses can sleep 3 degrees cooler, while the Luxe Breeze mattresses can sleep up to 8 degrees cooler.

Read our reviews of the Pro Breeze Collection and the Luxe Breeze Collection. Both are part of the Breeze line.

TEMPUR-Breeze mattresses come in a good spread of comforts to accommodate just about anyone. So if you're wondering what the ideal sleep position for Tempur-Pedic Breeze is, the answer is all of them!

If you've been hesitant to try memory foam because of its reputation for overheating, try a Tempur-Pedic mattress from the Breeze collection. This line by Tempur-Pedic will provide you with the unmatched conforming benefits of memory foam on top of cutting-edge cooling technology!