TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze Review

Updated April, 2019  

These mattresses have been discontinued from Tempur-Pedic.  We'll leave the review posted for historical reference. 

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The Flex Supreme Breeze takes one of Tempurpedic’s 4 innerspring & foam hybrid models and builds in the Breeze cooling features. We’ve tested it in depth and share our findings with you below.

Comfort Scale Rating

The Flex Supreme Breeze has a medium feel that’s good for most people; we rate it 6 on our 10 point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest.)

Expert Video Review

Here’s our quick Flex Supreme Breeze Video Review. It highlights the features, benefits and our impression.

Pros & Cons

  • Soft Tempur ES foam infused with cooling material
  • Balance of contouring foam and innerspring support
  • Very good support and contouring
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Highly rated in customer reviews
  • Trusted brand with long track record
  • Expensive at $3,799 for a queen size, and $4,499 for a king (mattress only)
  • It may take a week to break in, and the foam smell may take a day or 2 to go away

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Pressure Test Results

We’ve pressure tested the Flex Supreme Breeze mattress with small, average and large body sizes in both the side and back sleeper positions to see what kind of support and comfort you can expect. (Learn how we test.) The TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze positively rated “Recommended” or “Good” on 5 of the 6 tests you can see below. The bed does a very good job distributing body weight for large and petite back sleepers. Distributed weight provides contouring support and minimizes the pressure points that interrupt sleep.

Test results for side sleepers were more average. The pressure relief and proper support were good for average and petite people. The mattress also provided support in the lower waist and legs. With large people the mattress had too much pressure in the shoulders and hips earning the bed a “Not Recommended” for Large Side Sleepers.

LARGE PEOPLE Largest 10% of adults 210-273 lbs Avg Pressure:mmHg - Area:inches2 Avg Pressure:mmHg - Area:inches2
AVERAGE PEOPLE Middle 50% of adults 134-218 lbs Avg Pressure:mmHg - Area:inches2 Avg Pressure:mmHg - Area:inches2
PETITE PEOPLE Smallest 10% of adults 111-135 lbs Avg Pressure:mmHg - Area:inches2 Avg Pressure:mmHg - Area:inches2

The Main Flex Supreme Breeze Features in Detail

tempur flex supreme breeze cutaway
  1. A. Cooling Cover

    The TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze has a breathable Performance fabric, which is a light weight cover infused with cooling material.

  2. B. Comfort Layer

    Tempurpedic infuses their PureCool material is into their extra soft TEMPUR-ES foam to improve heat dissipation to keep the bed feeling cool.

  3. C. Response Layer

    Tempur-Pedic uses their TEMPUR-Response foam to promote the springy feeling while also supporting and spreading your weight.

  4. D. Support Layer

    The pocketed coil springs give the springy feeling typical of traditional mattresses. In this case the springs are under the memory foam top layers.

  5. E. Base Layer

    The base layer supports all the layers above.

Comfort Depth Video

We measured how far your hips and shoulders sink into the Flex Supreme Breeze mattress with different body types.

Jed's Comfort View

Jill's Comfort View

Andrew's Comfort View


The Flex Supreme Breeze mattress has an industry standard 10 year warranty against factory defects.

More about Tempur-Pedic

Tempur-Pedic created the memory foam mattress category here in the U.S. Founded in 1992, they continually grew until they became a household name and large enough to buy the Sealy Mattress Company. They’re now a public company called Tempur-Sealy and sell mattresses worldwide.

There are 2 important points of differentiation vs other foam mattresses. First, Tempur-Pedic actually designs and manufactures their foam components and mattresses. This speaks to their degree of expertise (most foam mattress brands buy components from suppliers).

Secondly, Tempur-Pedic has always created premium products. As in any industry, there are companies that make cheaper priced, lower quality products, and those that make higher quality, higher priced products. Tempur-Pedic has always made higher quality mattresses using premium materials and manufacturing standards. The success of their mattresses, and long running reputation for quality, propelled their company to be the largest in the world.


The Flex Supreme Breeze is a decent mattress depending on your body size and sleeping position. We recommend the mattress for large and petite back sleepers. Our testing demonstrates superior weight distribution and proper support for those sleepers. For a large side sleeper we do not recommend the mattress – there is too much pressure in the hips and shoulders that can cause discomfort and lessen the quality of your sleep. The remaining sleeping positions were satisfactory.

In addition, the mattress has the Breeze technology that helps control body heat which is a characteristic of all memory foam mattresses. This feature does help control heat but also adds to the price of the mattress. Tempur-Pedic is the leader in the industry and has a long running quality reputation, so depending on your body size and sleeping position this mattress can be an option for you.

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Tempurpedic Flex Supreme Breeze Specifications:

Product Name
TEMPUR-Flex Supreme Breeze Mattress
Queen Price


Mattress Comfort
Comfort Scale Number
Comfort Padding Layers
  • PureCool™ Technology
  • 2'' TEMPUR-ES
  • 1'' TEMPUR-Response
  • No Flip, No Rotate
  • 10 Year non-prorated warranty against manufacturer's defects
Back Support System
  • 6'' Dynamic Support Layer
Quilt Top of Mattress
  • Innovative phase-change cooling material infused in fabric
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric featuring collection pattern
  • Grey upholstery
Recommended For Side Sleepers Who Weigh
  • 134-218 lbs
  • 111-135 lbs
Recommended For Back Sleepers Who Weigh
  • 210-273 lbs
  • 134-218 lbs
  • 111-135 lbs

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