Tempur-Pedic Tops Mattress Results in Sleep Survey

No-Name Mattress Brands Fail Consumers.

US-Mattress.com carries all the main mattress brands, but which one do consumers like the most? We worked with Google Surveys to ask Americans, "How well do you usually sleep?" The results of this survey showed that Tempur-Pedic owners sleep the best. A follow up question that asked sleepers how satisfied they are with the support provided by their mattress further showed that Tempur-Pedic owners are the happiest. 

The other major manufacturers, Simmons, Serta and Sealy (now owned by Tempur-Pedic) all came in at a close second. The results indicated that consumers who spend their nights on other mattresses (often made by no-name brands) are more than 50% less satisfied than those who sleep on a mattress made by major bedding manufacturers. 

As a result of the recent acquisition of Sealy by Tempur-Pedic, TempurSealy is now the largest mattress manufacturer in the world. The merger that took place earlier this year shocked many, as the industry leader, Sealy, was bought by the younger, faster growing Tempur-Pedic. 

Serta is the largest selling brand in America, and Simmons is #3 among the top 4 (including Sealy and Tempur-Pedic) according to 2012 sales records. Both Serta and Simmons are owned by the same investor. 

According to the chief researcher at US-Mattress.com, Dongna Wang: 

"The real news here is that the top 4 brands as a group really outperformed the "other" brands. I would not focus on the differences between the top 4, as the real difference was seen in their performance compared to the others. We believe the "other" category includes people that have really old mattresses, ones they received as hand-me-downs, or really cheap off-brand beds. To be fair, there may be some smaller, high quality mattress manufacturers included in the "other" category, but they don't have an impact on the overall survey results. A good night's sleep is more likely when a person has a high quality mattress".

How well do you usually sleep?

how well do you sleep chart

How satisfied are you with the support?

how was the support chart

Probability of having great or good sleep
  Estimated Effect Std Err p-value
Sealy 0.0631 0.0553 0.2542
Serta 0.0055 0.0554 0.9203
Simmons (-)0.0373 0.0562 0.5071
Tempur 0.1158** 0.0547 0.0348
Other/Don't know (-)0.1537*** 0.0556 0.0059

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