Tempur-Pedic Luxe Adapt


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The LuxeAdapt mattresses have the all-new Advanced Pressure Relief Plus (Tempur-APR+) material. This serves as the primary comfort memory foam layer. The APR+ foam provides increased performance over their existing materials. It improves body adapting comfort and reduces partner motion. To better explain the premium nature of the APR+ material, the "+" symbol is used, and the ProAdapt Series use Tempur-APR material (with no “+” designation).

In addition, the LuxeAdapt beds have the premium SmartClimate Dual Cover System. The cover is made of heavy-weight yarn and delivers a cool-to-the-touch sensation when you touch the cover. The cooling effect isn’t from nasty added chemicals; it actually comes from the physical properties of the heavy wool itself. It’s also removable and washable, making it very practical.

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