Vispring Devonshire Mattress Review

Updated January 9, 2023

Vispring Devonshire with pillows

The Devonshire mattress is the mid-level model in the Original collection by Vispring. It has the same high-quality fleece wool and cotton as the other two models in the Original collection, just a bit less than the Coronet and a bit more than the Elite. For all the information you need in researching this mattress, please read our expert review here:

Pros & Cons

  • Premier luxury, hand-stitched by Master Craftspeople
  • All materials used are all-natural
  • Adjustable Base friendly
  • Vispring is a world-renowned luxury brand
  • Less expensive model than many other Vispring beds
  • Fewer premium materials than the top-end models by Vispring
  • Only one layer of coils

An Overview of the Comfort Materials Inside a Devonshire Mattress

Devonshire Cut Through Image

Vispring Mattress Collections

The Devonshire mattress is part of the Orignal collection, one of three collections from Vispring:

  1. The Original Collection:
    1. The Coronet Mattress
    2. The Devonshire Mattress
    3. The Elite Mattress
  2. The Classic Collection:
    1. The Oxford Mattress
    2. The Regal Superb Mattress
    3. The Regent Mattress
  3. The Luxe Collection:
    1. The Diamond Majesty Mattress
    2. The Masterpiece Superb Mattress
    3. The Signatory Superb Mattress
    4. The Sublime Superb Mattress
    5. The Tiara Superb Mattress

Customizing the Vispring Devonshire Mattress

The highest-end luxury items often come with the ability to customize the item to the customer's preferences.  This is true of Vispring's premium luxury bespoke beds.  The spring tension in the mattress is a choice between extra firm, firm, medium, soft, and very soft.  You can tailor the mattress to your comfort preference for a great night's sleep for decades to come.

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The Vispring Devonshire Mattress has a 30-year warranty and comfort guarantee.

About Vispring

Vispring's story begins in 1899 with British engineer, James Marshall.  When his wife was taken ill in Canada, James hand-made her a supportive mattress with coiled springs wrapped in muslin.  It was a revelation in comfort. But it wasn’t until 1901 that the revolutionary design came to Britain.  Brought over by John Nolon and Frederick James, the pair decided to produce the mattress commercially and incorporated the Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company in 1901.

In 1911, ocean liners were the way to travel.  And it was here that Vispring (as they were now known) found their first major orders.  The bespoke comfort of a Vispring mattress fit perfectly in the opulent cabins and suites of the world’s finest ships like the Titanic and Olympic.  As the years went by, Vispring’s expert bedmakers started to experiment with new mattress fillings.  They introduced more natural materials like horsehair, pure cotton, and Shetland wool, as well as luxury finishes like silk and cashmere.  In 1932, Vispring also created the world’s first pocket-sprung divan – which is known as the ultimate sleeping experience.

After decades of innovation and countless bespoke mattresses, Vispring was given the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2012.  The award honors any business that has excelled in the fields of international trade, innovation, or sustainable development.  Today, Vispring beds are found in 50 countries and stocked by over 500 stores.  The perfect night’s sleep is available to more people than ever before. 


In the middle spot of the Original collection by Vispring is the Devonshire mattress. It's packed with British fleece wool on both sides for maximum comfort and temperature regulation. Also, as is the case with all Vispring products, it's hand-assembled by Master Craftspeople.

The Devonshire is a great choice for a premium luxury mattress. All of the materials used in its construction are all-natural premium grade. This is a nice feature for those people who are allergic to synthetic textiles. The cotton and wool in this bed help create a more natural sleep environment.

All Vispring mattresses are made of the finest quality textiles and materials. Everything is responsibly sourced and naturally produced. I like Visprings very much having tried out most of their models personally. Was I able to afford one I would certainly have one of my own!

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About the Author, Dave Higgins, Mattress Expert

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