When to Upgrade to a King

Updated May 26, 2022

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The Time for an Upgrade

If you think about it, we can mark significant periods of our lives by what kind of bed we were sleeping on. When we're born, our parents bring us home and we spend the next two to three years sleeping in a crib. After we outgrow the crib, most of us transition into a twin mattress for the next decade or longer. In our teens, many of us move up to a full-size mattress and appreciate the extra room while we sleep. In our 20s, when we strike out on our own, many of us buy a queen mattress and end up sharing that bed with a partner.

But what about a king-size? When do most sleepers upgrade to the ultimate mattress size? It's not as easy to know when it's time to upgrade to a king. There are a few indicators that signal when a king-sized bed would be a wise choice though.

Queen Feels Too Small

Many people argue that a queen-size mattress has more than enough room for two people. While this might be true, not all sleepers are the same.

In some instances, a person might share their bed with someone who moves around a lot through the night. Parents sometimes have young children who crawl into their bed when frightened. Or one or more of the people sharing the bed are larger-sized people who like to sprawl out.

Do you find yourself at the edge of the mattress? When a queen is feeling cramped, a king-size bed could be the answer. It's 16" wider than a queen, so you'll have more room to spread out. 

You Have the Space

Space is the key reason most people upgrade to king-size beds. Having a spacious bedroom with a king in it also looks more aesthetically pleasing. The main idea is that a king bed is all about space. Having more space to sleep on, and filling negative space in your bedroom. Having ample space to sleep on your mattress without sacrificing comfort. This is one of the best reasons to upgrade to a king mattress.

Type of King Bed

Once you've decided to move up in size, you'll have to figure out the specifics. There are two types of king beds - the normal King size and the California King size. To compare the two, check out our California King vs King Bed Sizes article.

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About the Author, Dave Higgins, Mattress Expert

Dave Higgins, Mattress ExpertDave has worked in the furniture business, focusing on mattresses, for several years. His focus on mattress industry trends and developments has led to a deeper understanding of how people sleep and how they perceive comfort.

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