Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt Firm 12" Mattress


Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-ProAdapt Firm 12" Mattress

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Size: Twin
Adjustable Base and Box Spring

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Premium Materials and Extremely Solid

by Jed Harrington

The Tempurpedic Pro Adapt Firm is changing the game when it comes to firm mattresses. Packed full of some of the best comfort materials available, this mattress offers premium support to those that enjoy an extremely firm feel.

Ultra Firm Comfort

With a comfort scale rating of 2, the Pro Adapt Firm may be one of the firmest Tempurpedics ever made. If you're looking for an extremely solid overall feel, with a bit of padding for lower back contouring, the Pro Adapt delivers. The TEMPUR-APR Comfort layer may be firm, but it also offers some of the best pressure point relief available today, which means it's comfortable too.

Outstanding Support

Tempurpedic is well known for their support systems, and this years line is no exception. The TEMPUR Support Layer provides not only great contouring, but also extremely solid support to the lower back.

Double Cooling Technology

Tend to sleep warmer? Not anymore. The Pro Adapt Firm features a double layer of cooling technology that uses ultra-high molecular weight yarn on the top, and a SmartClimate Dual Cover System below. This system works so well, you can feel it working, even when wearing jeans. On top of that, this cover is removable and able to be laundered for instant peace of mind regarding cleanliness without losing any of its cooling properties!

Undisturbed Sleep

Many mattresses can transfer a great deal of motion when movement occurs, which can make for some restless nights. The Pro Adapt Firm isn't one of them. TEMPUR material is great at soaking up motion energy and dissipating it, so you can sleep peacefully through the night.

Perfect For Firm Sleepers

If you love the idea of a mattress being exceptionally firm, then chances are you'll love the Tempur Pro Adapt Firm mattress. This mattress has all the bells and whistles to help you enjoy night after night of ultra firm comfort and support.

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  • Pressure Relief
    Pressure Relieving

    Incorporates a layer of conforming materials that mold to your body, offering appropriate support and alleviation.

  • Supportive

    Incorporates a support mechanism designed to adapt to your body's contours, promoting balanced weight distribution for optimal alignment.

  • Cooling Technology
    Cooling Technology

    Incorporates materials and elements engineered to regulate temperature by dispersing heat away from the body, ensuring a cool and comfortable sleep experience.

  • Motion Transfer
    Motion Transfer Reduction

    Motion isolation attributes aid in separating your partner's movements, such as tossing, turning, or shifting during sleep, promoting longer, uninterrupted rest for you.

  • Adjustable Base Friendly
    Adjustable Base Friendly

    This mattress is compatible with adjustable bases, which can raise your head and/or feet, easing snoring, sinus pressure, enhancing circulation, and providing numerous other health advantages.


Height: 12"

Comfort: Firm

Quilting Layer

Cool-to-the-Touch, Removable & Washable Cover

Comfort Layer

3cm Ventilated Advanced Relief® Material

5cm TEMPUR-Material™ Comfort Layer

Support System

Original Tempur® Support Layer

Works With All Bed Types

  • Box Spring

    Box Spring

  • Traditional Frames

    Traditional Frames

  • Adjustable Bases

    Adjustable Bases

  • Platform


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