Scott Living Mattress Reviews

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Drew and Jonathon Scott has been renovating houses on the popular HGTV show Property Brothers for nearly a decade now. Recently they have shifted their focus to the most important piece of furniture in your house – the mattress. They have partnered with the manufacturer Restonic to introduce an assortment of 18 new, high-quality mattresses.

Pros and Cons of Scott Living

  • Zoned support with individually wrapped coils is excellent at reducing motion transfer, supporting where you need it, and not feeling too stiff

  • A wide selection of comfort feels so you can get the firmness you want

  • Variety of comfort materials that are of nice quality and will last

  • Alumilast cooling materials help prevent overheating

  • Nice looking appearance

  • Higher price, so not very budget-friendly

  • Newer line, not widely available in local stores

  • Hard to compare across stores because the same models have different names

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Overview of Scott Living Mattresses

There's a fairly diverse range of comfort choices in this collection of innerspring mattresses, from firm to very soft. There are no extra firm mattresses, the firmest comes in at a 3 on our 1-10 comfort scale. The softest bed is an 8.5, which is quite plush and will feel like a cloud. 

The price point is a bit more costly, more in our mid to upper range of mattresses. There is a range of about $1,000 from the least expensive queen model to the most expensive queen.

There are tight tops, euro tops, and pillow tops so you can choose whatever style you like the best from those. The heights range from 13 inches to 16 inches.

They have a nice neutral aesthetic, all the mattresses are a chic gray color with a subtle design on the cover. The handles that are featured make them a bit easier to move around or rotate.

They are compatible with an adjustable base, so you can use them with whatever type of foundation you enjoy.

Type of Construction

The Scott Living mattresses that we carry have an innerspring construction, which is zoned in five parts to provide more targeted support. Each mattress uses the Twin Support Q5 coils, which are individually wrapped. Rounding out the coil support is the Quantum Edge Support, which is a band of outer coils that are a little bit firmer to help avoid the feeling that you are rolling off the edge of the bed.

These beds also feature a comfort layer with Alumilast technology designed to help wick away heat to help you sleep more temperature neutral.

Some of the mattresses, the more premium ones, have micro coils. These add a durable conforming layer that helps with pressure relief and motion separation.

Writer’s Choice of Scott Living Mattresses

Starting at the top with our softest pick and working down to our firmest pick, these are the mattresses that tested best and received great customer feedback.

Mattress Name Quick Overview Personal Recommendation

Atherton Euro Top

Atherton Euro Top mattress


  • Collection: Scott Living

  • Comfort: Medium

  • Mattress Height: 14.5"

  • Warranty: 10 Years


SL 2000 Hybrid Euro Top

SL 2000 Hybrid mattress

  • Collection: Scott Living

  • Comfort: Medium

  • Mattress Height: 17.5"

  • Warranty: 10 Years


Barrington Firm

Barrington Firm mattress

  • Collection: Scott Living

  • Comfort: Firm

  • Mattress Height: 14"
  • Warranty: 10 Years


Scott Living Mattress Key Features

Alumilast Memory Foam

This collection uses Alumilast Memory Foam to adapt to the curves of your body and provide pressure point relief to help encourage deep sleep. The aluminum that is incorporated into the material is designed to help wick away heat from your body to help you sleep temperature neutral through the night, so you won’t wake up sweating.

Twin Support Q5 Zoned Coils

Twin Support Q5 Zoned Coils are at the center of the innerspring and hybrid collections. Individually wrapped coil systems like this have largely become the standard in the industry. While still being durable enough to last 10 years or more, they provide a more customized and conforming feel than the other alternative of a tied coil system.

Taking it a step beyond the standard, the Twin Support system is also zoned to have a denser coil count in the hips and shoulders to provide support where it is needed most.

Twin Cooling Cool-to-the-touch layers help regulate temperature throughout the whole night. A complete sleep system designed to give you the most restful sleep possible.
1300 Series MicroCoil

Only found in the premium models, this layer of individually wrapped micro coils adds additional conforming support. It helps spread out the pressure more evenly so you get better pressure relief that feels supportive. It's a nice breathable layer, helping to keep the air flowing through the mattress. They are very durable as well, so you can expect the showroom feel to last longer.

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Delivery Method

The Scott Living Collection is available in select stores and online retailers, but not sold by Restonic or the Scott Brothers themselves. These are heavier mattresses and are usually delivered by the retailer’s in-home delivery service. Front door delivery is no charge, and you can choose in-home setup with old mattress removal for a fee.


The Scott Brothers have introduced a strong mattress line that has features rivaling the best in the business. They have edge support, cooling qualities, handles for moving, zoned individually wrapped coils, and premium foams. Some even include micro coils, which are typically a premium feature.

This line is very easily shoppable with the same coil system being used throughout the entire collection. You have some options as far as firmness, price, and comfort materials but you know you'll get the same great zoned support.

Many of the models also tested very well in our pressure testing. This shows that they provided proper support and good pressure relief. They are recommended to a wide variety of sleeper types from petite side sleepers to heavier back sleepers. Just make sure to check out the details found on the product page of any model you're interested in so you know which mattress is right for you.

If you are looking to combine trendiness with dependability, the Scott Living Collection by Restonic is certainly a top contender.

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About the Author, Juliana Huhta, Mattress Expert

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Juliana has spent several years in the mattress industry, writing about and reviewing mattresses. She has a deep understanding of how mattresses work for different people and affect sleep.