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Best Mattresses 2024 - Top 10

Updated January 15, 2024

While the best mattress for you is the one that addresses all your needs and preferences while fitting into your budget, we think that the mattresses here will fit that bill for many people. They're high quality, provide excellent support, include high-quality comfort materials, and have great features.

Consider the firmness you like in a mattress, the health conditions or pain you deal with, your sleeping position, materials you like (such as memory foam), and your budget. These are the top ten mattresses of 2024 according to US-Mattress, in a variety of categories.

1.) Best Overall Mattress - Sealy Posturepedic Cooper Mountain Medium Pillow Top

Cooper Mountain mattress setup in a bedroom with a "best overall mattress" badge


  • Industry Leading Comfort Materials
  • SealyCool Gel Foam Center 1/3
  • Sealy Response Pro Encased Coil
  • Five different layers of cooling materials
  • Medium feel

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The Sealy Posturepedic Cooper Mountain Medium Pillow Top Mattress is our pick for the Best Overall Mattress. With five separate layers of cooling materials to keep you cool at night, this is one of the best cooling mattresses on the market. Add that to the supportive Pro Encased Coils with a DuraFlex Coil Edge and this mattress is one of the best for back support and pressure relief.

Sealy did a fantastic job of creating a pillowtop mattress by incorporating memory foam with an innerspring system for maximum durability and cushioning. The medium-firm feel will be supportive and comfortable for the widest range of people.

2.) Best Side Sleeper Mattress - Beautyrest Harmony Lux Diamond Plush Pillow Top 

Pillowtop Harmony Lux Diamond mattress in a room with a beautiful ocean view, the image features a "best side sleeper mattress" badge


  • Made with almost all premium materials
  • Ideal for nearly all body types
  • Super soft pillowtop comfort
  • Good cooling comfort
  • Committed to environmental responsibility

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This mattress is the softest bed on this list coming in at a 9 out of 10 on our comfort scale. This is one of the softest pillow top beds available from Beautyrest, which makes it pressure-relieving on your hips and shoulders. Considering the soft feel and the high quality you can expect from an upper-end Beautyrest mattress, it's obvious why we chose this as the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers.

With an advanced T2 coil system, high quality foams, and diamond particles that conduct heat to regulate your temperature, this bed performs at a high level. The several layers of high quality memory foam will keep you from tossing and turning so you can get a great night of sleep.

3.) Most Innovative Mattress - Serta Arctic Premier Hybrid Plush

Serta Arctic mattress featured on a wooden bed frame, there is a badge on the image that says "most innovative mattress"


  • The newly created Reactex® System contains three layers of cooling technology
  • CustomFit™ High-Density Memory Foam
  • Serta Micro Hybrid Coil™
  • Proprietary Foam for All Night Cooling

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The Most Innovative Mattress for 2024 is the Arctic Premier Hybrid Plush. Serta really took the design of this mattress to the next level by combining so many unique features which were compiled based on customers' requests. To begin with, the Reactex® System consists of three different layers of cooling technology with each layer having more cooling capacity than the previous layer.

From there we get into the main foam layers, specifically the Deep Reaction® Max Gel Memory Foam and the CustomFit™ HD Memory Foam both of which are best for body contouring and back support.

The greatest innovation in this mattress is the Micro Hybrid Coils™ that sit atop the 1025 Hybrid Support System™ which aids the transition between relaxing comfort and all-night support. This mattress really has us excited for its innovation, thoughtfulness to customer critiques and needs, and the fact that it's a high-end hybrid mattress.

4.) Best Double Sided Mattress - Serta Hotel Concierge Suite Euro Pillow Top

The Serta Hotel mattress featured in a nicely decorated bedroom with wood tones, with a badge on the image that says "best double-sided mattress"


  • Best flippable mattress
  • Two sides help to extend mattress life
  • Designed to copy mattress styles in hotels
  • Top Seller

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It was no surprise to our mattress experts that the Concierge Suite Euro Pillow Top Double Sided Mattress was selected as the best flippable mattress. Serta has long been known to keep the double-sided bed market alive with careful attention to dual-sided comfort that is the same for years to come. Double-sided mattresses are known for their longevity because they're moved every three months between turning and flipping the bed.

Serta also chose to represent the types of mattresses commonly found in hotels so that people who have the best night's sleep in a hotel can find the mattress that's right for them to have in their homes. The Concierge Suite is certainly the best double sided mattress of 2024, of that there is no doubt!

5.) Best Luxury Mattress - Stearns & Foster Lux Estate Medium Pillowtop

S&F Lux Estate Medium Pillow Top mattress with a featured badge that says "best luxury mattress"


  • Tons of luxury materials used in its construction
  • Premium foams for maximum comfort
  • Fully recommended for all sleep positions and body sizes
  • Part of a recently upgraded line
  • The most recognizable name in luxury mattresses today

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The Stearns & Foster brand name has long been associated with the highest levels of luxury bedding for many years. As such, it came as no shock to our team that the Lux Estate Medium Pillow Top Mattress was selected as the best luxury mattress. Layers of gel foam with an additional layers of memory foam sit on top of one of the most advanced coils ever created for mattresses, the IntelliCoil HD.

Add to that the stylish appointments like hand-sewed tufting, six velvet inlay handles, and a vent system for cooling and this was the obvious choice the best luxury bed of 2024. We can easily say that this is the most luxurious mattress offered in the current bedding market!

6.) Best Extra Firm Mattress - Restonic Scott Living Barrington Firm

Barrington Firm mattress with a "best extra firm mattress" badge


  • High end of a good quality brand
  • Features four handles for easy moving
  • Great back support with pocketed coils
  • True firm feel

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This mattress was designed by the Scott Brothers, with luxury in mind. It provides that firm feel you're looking for without sacrificing any quality. You can count on years of durable support and comfort.

It also works with any type of mattress, so you can use an adjustable base to further increase your comfort and convenience if you choose.

7.) Best Memory Foam Mattress - Serta iComfortECO F10 Medium

iComfortECO F10 medium mattress on a box spring with a Best Memory Foam Mattress badge


  • CoolTemp Cover
  • Terra Fusion Memory Foam
  • Recycled Fiber Support Base
  • From Serta, a trusted brand

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Serta continues to impress, managing to score three spots in our Top Ten Mattresses of 2024. Coming in at number seven, the Best Memory Foam Mattress is the iComfortECO F10 Medium Mattress. 

This one stands out in the memory foam category for its all-around comfort, support, and special features. It's a medium comfort which tends to be best for the most people. It also works well in the memory foam category because it holds up well without feeling like a hard block of foam.

The fact that they are using recycled materials in the support base is also a boost for this mattress, as we know it's so important to work with sustainable materials so we minimize what's going to landfills.

With cooling qualities, excellent pressure relief, and sustainable materials - there's no doubt why the iComfortECO line produced a winner. Any mattress from the line would be a great choice so find the right comfort for you.

8.) Best Hybrid Mattress - Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Brenham Soft

The Sealy Hybrid Brenham mattress is featured setup on a cream platform bed and the image features a badge saying "best hybrid mattress"


  • Premium memory foams
  • Sealy's best coil system
  • Cooling features
  • A popular brand, well trusted

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Our selection for the best hybrid mattress is the Brenham Soft from Sealy's Posturepedic Plus collection. This mattress exemplifies all the best characteristics of a hybrid mattress thanks to Sealy using the highest quality materials to build this bed. From the bottom up, this bed starts with the stable support of Pro Zoned HD Encased Coils which give you great back support.

These are topped by layers of gel foam, which add support and keep things nice and cool. Just under the cover, there are 3 inches of premium memory foam, which contours to your body. The cover provides immediate cooling with cooling fibers and antimicrobial technology.

Hybrid beds were originally created to give people the best of both traditional innerspring mattresses and the newer memory foam models. The Brenham Soft performs excellently well in both of these aspects. If you're you're looking for the best hybrid bed for 2024, look no further than the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Brenham Soft mattress.

9.) Best Cooling Mattress - Tempurpedic Tempur Luxe Breeze Firm

A woman and dog sit on a split king Tempur mattress on an adjustable base, the image features a "best cooling mattress" badge


  • Every layer is designed with cooling technology
  • Removable, washable cover
  • High-quality, premium materials throughout
  • Proprietary Tempur Foam

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Tempurpedic was bumped out of its traditional spot for best memory foam and has moved into the slot for the best mattress for cooling of 2024. The Tempur Luxe Breeze Firm takes this spot mainly because every single material used in its construction has some type of cooling technology incorporated into it. Even the SmartClimate Max Dual Cover, which can be removed for washing, has cooling features.

PureCool+ Phase Change Material and Ventilated TEMPUR APR Material are some of the foam layers that Tempurpedic has redesigned to add cooling features for this year. You will not find a greater amount of cooling materials in a mattress than the Luxe Breeze Firm which makes this mattress the best mattress for temperature regulation of the year.

10.) Best Mattress For Back Pain - Beautyrest Black C Class Plush

Beautyrest Black mattress on a wood platform bed, the image features a "best back pain mattress" badge


  • Pressure testing confirms excellent back support
  • Medium comfort is ideal for all body types and sleep positions
  • T3 Pocketed Coil System (Beautyrest's top-of-the-line system) provides targeted back support
  • BeautyEdge Foam is a nice choice if it's painful to get into/out of bed

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Many people suffer from back pain for a variety of reasons, and one of the main places where that pain is amplified is when they're laying in bed. The best bed for back pain is the one that will alleviate as much of the tension and pressure that people experience while laying in bed. The C Class Plush Pillow Top Mattress has many layers of high-quality materials that work together to cradle your body and provide proper spinal support for maximum comfort.

Many customer testimonials confirm this assessment and agree that their back pain was at least alleviated if not completely resolved with this mattress. We encourage you to consider the C Class Plush Pillowtop as an excellent choice if you're dealing with back pain.

It's important to find a mattress that works well for back pain because getting extra sleep can reduce chronic pain. Aside from the mattress, an adjustable base can be a game changer for reducing back pain.

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