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Tempur Pedic Bedding
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12 products

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Tempur-Pedic Special Solutions

The Tempur-Pedic Special Solutions Collection is designed "For couples with different needs or those who sleep hot." It includes specialty mattresses like the new Grandbed, and other models designed with specialty features. These features may include the cooling properties of the Breeze mattresses and/or adjustable dual-comfort models. So if you want to experience the benefits of memory foam without the heat retention issues of some mattresses, you can find solutions in this collection. You will also find models with multi-zone support layers that use memory foam and air pockets for adjustable comfort on either half of the bed. So whether you want to shift from a softer sleeping surface to a firmer one on a given night, or if you and your sleeping partner have different comfort preferences, you can adjust the feel of your half of the bed on demand.

Check out the Tempur-Pedic Special Solutions Collection for unique technologies available only from Tempur-Pedic. And shop with US-Mattress for the lowest prices you'll find online or in-store.

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