Antique Bed Mattresses


Need a mattress for grandma's antique bed? Have a mattress custom made for your antique bed needs!

Many antique beds were custom-made which means they used mattresses in custom sizes. Although some custom beds will fit your standard Twin, Full, Queen, or King size mattress, this is usually a lucky exception. But don't fret! Here at US-Mattress, we have all of your mattress needs covered, even custom sizes! The options you see here are models that can be ordered in custom sizes down to the inch. So whether you need something smaller than a Twin, larger than a King, or somewhere in between, we can have it crafted for you by a trusted name brand company with the quality comfort you deserve.

Just because you have an antique bed, doesn't mean you should be sleeping on an antique mattress. Choose from a range of comforts from firm to very soft and then select the dimensions you want and any other add-ons you might need. We will have the mattress made just for you and shipped to your doorstep free of charge. But be sure to measure and re-measure both your antique bed frame and its current mattress, because custom-made mattresses are non-refundable! Enjoy the aesthetics of your antique bed, and the comfort of a brand new mattress, at the best prices available anywhere, only with US-Mattress!

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