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RV Mattresses

We know it can be tricky for RV owners to find a mattress replacement when they need something other than a traditional mattress. Queen-size beds may be the standard but they don't work in every scenario. That's why we made it easy to order a wide selection of mattresses in custom dimensions.

US-Mattress wants to guarantee that you're getting a quality night's sleep. Whether in the comfort of your home or on your next road trip, we've got you covered. We feature a wide selection of RV mattresses that are made specifically to fit the compact space of your RV or camper. Sleep comfortably while away from home on the road!

Our custom RV mattress sizes will fit perfectly into whatever space you have available. They deliver the same high-quality comfort you would expect from these popular brands, but in dimensions that suit the needs of an RV.

We have custom-sized mattresses for RVs in a range of firmness levels, heights, brands, and types. Maybe you want an innerspring mattress with a medium firmness or a short queen firm mattress. We have a solution that will fit perfectly in your motorhome, pop-up camper, or trailer.

We offer these mattresses at the lowest prices available anywhere, online or in-store, with free delivery on all of our RV mattresses.

Enjoy your vacation to the fullest and come back happy and refreshed, thanks to our high-quality camper mattresses! We only sell the best, all our memory foam mattresses are certified through CertiPUR-US®, so there are no harmful chemicals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the best mattress for a RV?

The best RV mattress depends on your preferences and available space. Usually, a foam mattress is most suited to the RV lifestyle, due to weight restrictions. We can customize the dimensions to fit your space with any of the mattresses featured on this page. Check out our mattress reviews to learn more about a model you're interested in.

Q. Can you put a regular mattress in an RV?

You can sometimes use a standard mattress, as long as it fits into the space available in your RV. Make sure that you can move it around as necessary. It's also a good idea to check the weight to be sure it's not too heavy.

Q. Are RV mattress sizes different?

RV mattresses can be standard sizes, but they're not always. RV's often have smaller or odd-sized sleeping areas. One RV size that's common is the short queen, which is 60 x 75 inches. Sometimes you'll need to custom-order a mattress for an RV, but we have plenty of options to accommodate that.

Looking for a specific height, or still have questions? Give us a call at 800-455-1052 to speak with a mattress expert from our customer service team. They can help pinpoint the best RV bed for you.