Mattress Protectors


The best way to change the comfort of your mattress is to add a mattress topper. Mattress toppers and pads will add a layer of comfort padding that can have a significant impact on how your mattress feels. Even some mattress protectors can add a layer of comfort.

If your mattress is too soft, you may even be able to find a topper that's denser. Adding a sturdy layer can make your mattress feel firmer.

Side sleepers especially benefit from a softer bed feel, as they have more pressure points to think of (shoulders and hips). Too firm a mattress can cause aches and pains or even numbness. It's important to think of your sleep position and body type when picking out a mattress.

If you're looking into buying a new mattress, it's a good idea to do some research. Read mattress reviews to learn what types of mattresses work best for your sleep position and body type. If you already have a bed, not to worry, you can make it softer by adding a topper.

Mattress Toppers, Pads, and Protectors

There are a few options that you can add to your bed to change the feel. Mattress toppers are made to soften your mattress and will work best. However, if you only need a little extra padding, a mattress pad or protector could work. It just depends on how much of an effect you want, and if you are interested in any other features.

Any one of these options has the potential to breathe new life into your mattress:

Mattress toppers are usually commonly memory foam or another type of padding, a few inches thick. They are placed on top of your mattress and can make a firm mattress softer by quite a bit. This can have a drastic impact on how much pressure relief your mattress provides, and make the sleeping surface significantly softer. It's essentially like you're turning your mattress into a pillow top!

A great natural option is the Joybed Organic Wool Mattress Topper.

Mattress pads are generally thinner, often just a quilted layer of cotton or another similar material. They can still have a noticeable impact on the softness and pressure relief of your mattress. Mattress pads also commonly include temperature regulating pads. It can be a heated mattress pad or a pad with cooling gel to dispel body heat.

Mattress protectors' primary function is to protect your mattress from spills and dirt. However, these products often use soft fabrics or padding that can also make your bed softer.

Memory Foam and Latex Toppers

The most popular mattress toppers are made from memory foam and latex foam, and they can substantially change the feel of your mattress. Memory foam mattress toppers are a great choice for sleepers who enjoy body-hugging comfort and conforming support.

Latex foam mattress toppers are ideal for sleepers who like the feeling of sleeping "on" a mattress, rather than "in" it. Latex foam is more responsive than memory foam, so it doesn't produce the same sinking feeling that some sleepers dislike.

Other Solutions

Sometimes, the base you choose can affect the comfort level of your mattress. If your innerspring mattress is on a hard surface, placing it on a box spring can introduce a bit more flex. The added bounce will create a softer feel.

It depends on the mattress type though. Memory foam or latex mattress will likely feel firmer if it’s on a box spring vs a more solid foundation, like an adjustable base. Check your warranty when choosing a foundation, as it can be voided by using the wrong one.

If you just bought a new mattress, it may not feel the way you expected it to. If you're worried it doesn't feel soft enough, remember that it takes time to break in a new bed. While the feel likely won't change drastically, it may soften up a little.

For tips on speeding up the break-in process, read our article: Breaking in a New Mattress.

Still Have Questions?

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