What Is High-Resiliency Foam?

Resilient Comfort

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There are a wide variety of foams used in the bedding industry today, and all of them perform certain functions well. Foams provide comfort and support in mattresses, toppers, pillows, and other bedding components.

High Resiliency (HR) foam is the highest grade of polyurethane foam and weighs 2.5 lbs or more per cubic foot. HR foams excel at contouring to the body exception. Their cell structure enables extreme elasticity and optimal supporting force. These foams distribute pressure across an entire surface, which is good for relieving pain points. This also reduces motion transfer between sleeping partners, which is great for couples with a restless or light sleeper.

The elasticity of HR foam makes it very durable, lengthening the comfort life of a mattress. The more high-resiliency foam, the longer you can expect a mattress to maintain the showroom level of comfort. HR foams should last at least ten years if used regularly, so mattresses containing them usually have a strong warranty.

How Is HR Foam Made?

HR foams are different from regular poly foams by the chemicals used to make it. HR foams use higher-quality chemicals that contribute to the elasticity and durability. They’re heavier foams, but there are many densities available.

Experience the Benefits of HR Foam

While HR foams are more expensive, many sleepers find the extra benefits worth the money. At US-Mattress, you can find a number of models made with HR foam. Stearns & Foster uses only the highest-quality HR foam in their mattresses. Their beds also come with a strong warranty as the foams they use are pre-stressed.

If you're wondering whether a mattress contains HR foams, or have any other questions, call 1-800-455-1052. One of our friendly mattress experts will be standing by to help you with what you need. They can give you more information on what HR foams can do for your sleep.

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