Beautyrest Advanced Motion Adjustable Base Review

Updated November 13, 2022

Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base with Beautyrest Hybrid Mattress

The Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base is one of the three Beautyrest adjustable base models available. This base is loaded with premium features and we've provided all the information you need while researching a new power base here in our expert review here:

The Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base - An Overview

  • Adjustable leg heights
  • Platform bed friendly
  • Headboard compatible (brackets included)
  • Adjustable head and foot angles to achieve your preferred position for optimal sleep
  • Wireless remote
  • Zero G™ preset position - raises legs above heart
  • Relaxing Massage
  • 2 USB ports on each side
  • 20-year warranty
  • 650 lb weight capacity

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Pros & Cons

  • Zero-G™ raises your legs above your heart
  • People with acid reflux, sleep apnea, and other medical issues can get a better night's sleep when using a power base
  • Relaxing massage enhances your comfort
  • Headboard brackets are included
  • Simmons is a trusted brand
  • Fairly affordable for a power base
  • Adjustable foundations are much heavier than standard foundations, and could be difficult to move or set up without help
  • Fewer premium features than the Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base

More on the Advanced Motion Base Features and Benefits

The Zero-G™ Preset Position

The zero-gravity seating position was created by NASA to reduce the compression forces on the bodies of astronauts during space shuttle take-offs.  This feature has been added to adjustable foundations for the same reason, to reduce pressure on the body, specifically the spine.  When the bed is in the Zero-G™ position it simulates weightlessness and makes for a more natural and comfortable position.  You can use it while sleeping if you like but it's really meant for when you're awake in bed and reading or using your electronic devices.


In the head section of this power base is a massage motor that vibrates your head and shoulders to relax you and enhance your comfort.  It operates at three different levels of intensity so you have options when you decide to enable the massage motor.  This is a really nice feature for when you've had a trying day and you need a little therapeutic attention to ease the tension.

USB Ports

In keeping up with the ever-changing world of electronics and smart home-enabled devices Simmons has added two USB ports on each side of the Advanced Motion Base for your convenience.  This will help reduce the use of wall outlets in your bedroom that are being used to charge smartphones, tablets, and other smart home devices.  Besides, very few people don't use their phones in bed before sleeping most nights anyway so having the charging cord readily accessible is a great bonus.

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The Benefits of Having an Adjustable Base

Having an adjustable base as part of your bed has more than a few benefits. You're likely researching them because you either want to enhance your comfort or you have a medical issue. Here is a list of benefits that the Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base can offer you:

  • Reduce snoring - You can lift the head portion of the base to ease breathing and reduce snoring, a great feature for sleep apnea sufferers.
  • To watch TV or read in bed - Lifting the head portion higher so you can relax in bed while reading or watching TV helps a lot.  That way you don't have to bunch up a pile of pillows just to see better.
  • Laying flat hurts - Many people with back and joint pain find comforting relief in being able to lift their bodies into a position that reduces their symptoms.
  • Acid reflux - People who live with acid reflux know that lying flat can cause problems while they sleep.  Having the upper portion of their bodies tilted up slightly helps reduce attacks.
  • Better comfort - Not everyone is the most comfortable in bed when they lie flat.  Sometimes raising their head or legs can help them sleep more soundly.

Additional Information

The buttons on your Advanced Power Base explained:

Advanced Motion Base Wireless Remote

What controls my Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base?

Beautyrest Advanced Motion Power Base Bottom View

How to Set-Up Your New Beautyrest Advanced Motion Adjustable Base:

How to set up a divided king Beautyrest Advanced Motion Adjustable Base:


The Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base comes with a limited 20-year warranty.

Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base Owner's Manual [PDF]

About Beautyrest

The Beautyrest brand is a product of the Simmons Bedding company and has been in business since the invention of the Pocketed Coil in 1925.  Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, H.G. Wells, and George Bernard Shaw, all movers, and shakers in their own regard, had one thing in common: they, like many Americans, couldn’t risk a poor night’s sleep for the progress of tomorrow.  Each demanded better sleep and found the answer with Beautyrest®.

Innovators and industry leaders from the start, Beautyrest would go on to mark another huge landmark in 1958 being the first company to offer Queen and King-sized mattresses.  Further innovation led to the development of the world's first non-flip mattress in 2000 which made it easier to maintain your bed without having to wrestle with the thing.  2003 brought the introduction of the T3 Pocketed Coils for which the Black collection is so well-known.  The Beautyrest Black line is so popular that it's the #1 luxury innerspring line in the mattress industry.


Choosing the Beautyrest Advanced Motion Base can save you some money. It's priced around $1,000 less than the premium Luxury Motion Base. At this price, you still get some premium features without sacrificing sturdiness.

The Zero-G™ position allows your body to rest in a position that reduces the pressure on your back and joints to almost none. This feels almost like being weightless on the bed. Pairing the base with the right mattress for your best comfort provides the ultimate sleep experience and enhances this feeling.

If you want an adjustable base that will last for years to come then the Advanced Motion Base is a great choice. Its durability, features, and benefits have led me to recommend this adjustable foundation to anyone.

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