Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Adjustable Base Review

Updated August 31, 2022

Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base in a luxurious bedroom with a Beautyrest Black mattress on it

An Overview of the Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base

The Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base is the top-end Beautyrest base model offered by Simmons. It has the most features out of the three Beautyrest adjustable base models. With added premium features comes a premium price. While this price is somewhat high, it's still less than other luxury brand models with similar features.

Deciding to add an adjustable foundation to your bed is a big decision. you're probably asking yourself questions like what's the benefit? Will it last for a long time? Can it improve my comfort? How do I set one up? We're here to answer all these questions and more in our expert review here:

Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Power Base Features

  • Adjustable leg heights

  • Platform bed friendly

  • Headboard compatible (brackets included)

  • Adjustable head and foot angles to achieve your preferred position for optimal sleep

  • Wireless remote

  • Zero-G™ preset position - raises legs above heart

  • Relaxing Dual Massage

  • Full Head Tilt

  • Extended Recline

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support

  • 2 USB ports on each side

  • Under-bed LED Lighting

  • Smart home enabled - compatible with Alexa and Google Home

  • 850 lb weight limit

Here's a quick video detailing some of the features we've listed:

Pros & Cons

  • Zero-G™ raises legs above your heart
  • Assists with multiple medical ailments like acid reflux and arthritis
  • Dual massage enhances your comfort
  • Very durable, weight rated to 850 lbs.
  • Headboard brackets are included
  • Made by a trusted brand
  • All adjustable bases are very heavy and can be difficult to move or set up without someone helping
  • More costly than a regular foundation

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More on the Luxury Motion Base Features

Smart Home Compatible

Smart Home

Simply ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home device to raise or lower your head, turn on the under-bed light, or any other function without searching for the remote in the dark!  For those people who are forced to remain in bed for extended periods of time, this feature is particularly nice.

I know that anyone on bedrest would find this feature useful. They can be very comfortable and not have to move around too much to get into the right position. I wish this feature was available for my wife when she was pregnant with our kids, she would've loved it!

Lumbar Support

Beautyrest Black Lumbar Support

The Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base allows you to increase or decrease the amount of lumbar support it gives while in a seated position. This is an excellent feature for people whose medical ailments require them to remain in bed for longer periods of time.

It's all about maximizing the comfort you get from your bed with this premium feature.

Split King & Cal King Bases

Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Split King Bases

Having a split King, or Cal King adjustable base allows you and your sleep partner to have two different mattress comforts if that is your preference. The two bases can be "tied together" but will function independently of one another.

This is a really great feature if you like a super soft bed and your sleep partner prefers a firmer mattress. Having them 'tied together' still retains the intimacy of sleeping with someone in bed as well.

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The Benefits of Having an Adjustable Base

Combining your mattress with an adjustable base will enhance the comfort you already get from your bed. The ability to move your head and legs into a position that feels the best to you is a great benefit. Raising the head section can help sleep apnea sufferers snore less. Having the ability to raise the head section of the bed can also help people with acid reflux. Being able to position the body in the most relaxing position can also help arthritis patients get better sleep with less pain.

The Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion base offers these benefits and many premium upgrades. The massage feature is a great benefit to help soothe those who suffer from insomnia. Under-bed lighting allows you to move about the bedroom without having to turn on the bedroom lights.

One of the greatest benefits this base has to offer is smart home wifi connectivity. You can use your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to control all its features.

Additional Information

What All the Buttons Do on the Wireless Remote

Beautyrest Wireless Remote

What Controls My Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base?

Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Bottom View

How to Set Up Your New Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Adjustable Base

How to Set Up a Divided King Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Adjustable Base


The Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base comes with a limited 20-year warranty.


Delivery Method

Beautyrest Black mattresses are sold both in stores and online. They’re delivered by professional delivery teams. In-home delivery is free.

About Beautyrest

The Beautyrest brand is a product of the Simmons Bedding company and has been in business since the invention of the Pocketed Coil in 1925. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, H.G. Wells, and George Bernard Shaw; all movers and shakers in their own regard, had one thing in common. They, like many Americans, couldn’t risk a poor night’s sleep for the progress of tomorrow. Each demanded better sleep and found the answer with Beautyrest®.

Innovators and industry leaders from the start, Beautyrest would go on to mark another huge landmark in 1958 being the first company to offer Queen and King-sized mattresses. Further innovation led to the development of the world's first non-flip mattress in 2000, which made it easier to maintain your bed without having to wrestle with the thing.

The year 2003 brought the introduction of the T3 Pocketed Coils for which the Black collection is so well-known. The Beautyrest Black line is so popular that it's the #1 luxury innerspring line in the mattress industry.


The Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion Base represents the most premium features offered by Simmons. It's built to be very durable, weight rated at 850 lbs., and to last for many years to come with a 20-year limited warranty. A premium luxury power base like this one comes with a higher price tag than a regular base.

The Beautyrest Black Luxury Motion has excellent features like the relaxing dual massage. Four zones, two each at the head and foot area, receive massage effects with variable intensity. An added benefit to the massage is a timer that you can set so it shuts off automatically. The Anti-Snore preset button is another nice feature that lifts the head section to ease breathing and reduce snoring.

One of my favorite features this base offers is wifi connectivity which allows you to link your base to an Amazon Alexa or a Google Home. Imagine how nice it would be to ask your device to turn on the under-bed lighting when waking up for a bathroom trip. You don't even have to search around in the dark for the remote!

My overall impression of this adjustable base is that it's well-made and durable with excellent features. I really like the smart home compatibility, lumbar support, and anti-snore features. I can easily imagine putting one of these bases in my own bedroom. The benefits of having under-bed lighting for the overnights and the Zero-G™ would be great!

I do recommend this adjustable base for the benefits it can offer to people with medical issues and for its premium luxury appointments. This base is an excellent choice for anyone who can afford the luxury cost.

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