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Why Choose an Adjustable Bed?

adjustable beds Adjustable beds have gained tremendous popularity over the last decade. One reason why is people are spending more time in bed doing things besides sleeping. Whether that be watching TV, working on a laptop, or even just reading a book, the ability to transform the bed into a lounging area can be very convenient. Not to mention adjustable beds improve comfort while sleeping.
Adjustable beds allow sleepers to receive the same amount of support whether they're lying flat or positioned upright. Since adjustable frames are made with moving parts, not every mattress is compatible. Fortunately, US-Mattress has a wide selection of mattresses that are adjustable base friendly. Just because you are limited to the types of mattresses that will work on your frame, that doesn't mean you won't be able to find a mattress that perfectly suits your comfort preferences and support needs.

Which Mattresses Are Compatible with Adjustable Bases?

We try to call out whether or not a mattress is compatible with adjustable bases on the item page. If you can't find whether or not a certain mattress is, let us know and we'll be happy to find out for you. Some rules of thumb to help you know which mattresses may or may not be compatible are as follows:

  • The majority of foam, memory foam, and latex mattresses are adjustable base compatible.
  • Innerspring mattresses may or may not be compatible depending on their coil design.
  • Individually wrapped, individually pocketed, and Marshall coils are usually compatible with adjustable bases.
  • Bonnell coils, tied coils, and continuous coil systems are usually NOT compatible with adjustable mattresses.

Again, look on our products pages to see if we call out compatibility with adjustable bases. If you can't find that information, ask us to be sure before buying a mattress that won't work on your adjustable bed frame.

Expert Recommendations

Below you will find some options recommended by our experts that will work well with adjustable frames. These models were chosen because they are a good value, and they cover virtually the entire spectrum of comforts. Browse this selection to find a mattress that will help you get great sleep on your adjustable bed. If you're not sure what type of mattress will work best with your adjustable bed, or which one will provide you with the most comfort for your sleeping style, then you can call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with one of our friendly mattress experts who can guide you in your search for better sleep.
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