Best Mattresses for Kids

The Developmental Years

Memory FoamWhile children seem to quickly outgrow shoes, clothes, and other items, they don't necessarily need to outgrow their mattresses. In fact, children often sleep on the same bed and mattress for several years, sometimes for the entirety of their formative years and into their teen years. That means with some forethought you can invest in a high-quality mattress that will last for around 10 years and accommodate them for the majority of their childhood.

Support Is Important

While durability is important for saving money, support is more important to ensure your growing child gets healthy sleep. Every mattress from US-Mattress provides adequate back support and good comfort, but some perform better than others. What kind of sleeper is your child? Back, side, stomach, or a combination? Is your child tall and likely to need an XL size mattress? Consider various factors when determining the best mattress, and if he or she is old enough you should ask about sleep preferences and positions to give you a better idea of how they sleep. Older children probably have a good idea of what type of sleeper they are and can help choose a mattress.

Good Sleep Pays Off

Remember, while you may be tempted to buy an inexpensive, "it'll do for now" mattress, consider the impact that sleep can have on your growing child. The better the quality of the mattress, the better the quality of your child's sleep. Adequate, restful sleep is vital to a child's health and can affect aspects of their waking life as well.

Mattresses not only play a role in our physical health, but also our mental health. It is recommended that people get a minimum of 7 hours of QUALITY sleep per night, and usually suggested children need even more as their brains and bodies are still developing. A better mattress means better sleep, and better sleep means a sharper mind and better attention which will in turn improve performance at school and other aspects of life. While there are ways to save money by making a good investment in a mattress, no amount of money is worth sacrificing quality sleep!
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