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Best Hotel Mattresses of 2023

Looking for the best hotel-style mattresses you can buy? Plenty of people love this traditional type of mattress. They're double-sided, so you can flip them. This makes them quite long-lasting, especially with the tied coil systems.

They're ideal for guest rooms, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and more. It's usually best to pair a hotel mattress with a traditional bed frame and box spring.

Typically, the best hotel mattresses are medium in comfort, not overly soft or firm. This works for the largest number of people, a more neutral supportive feeling is good for almost anyone. However, they do make firm and soft hotel mattresses if that's your preference. Since this will be your mattress, and not in a hotel, it can be more specific to your likes and dislikes.

1.) Best Overall - Signature Suite Euro Top

Signature Suite Euro Top mattress
  • Medium-Firm Feel (4/10 on our Comfort Scale)
  • Scored 'Recommended' for 6 out of 6 sleeper types
  • 800 Continuous Coil Support System
  • Cool Twist Gel Foam
  • 13.5" height
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The Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Signature Suite Euro Top Mattress is arguably the best overall hotel mattress on our site right now. Its medium-firm feel is comfortable for most people, not too soft or too firm. For this reason, it provides a good balance of support and comfort for almost any sleeper.

The gel foam is cooling, durable, and pressure-relieving. The solid support system and comfortable layers are why this mattress performed so well for all six combinations that we tested of sleep styles and body sizes. Being on the firmer side of medium comfort also means that stomach sleepers could rest well on this mattress too. It's very well-rounded to suit just about anyone.

2.) Best For Side Sleepers - Presidential Suite Plush

Presidental Suite Plush Mattress
  • Pressure test scores fully recommend for side sleepers across the board
  • Neutral feel at 5 out of 10 on our Comfort Scale
  • Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam
  • 800 Continuous Support Coil System
  • 14.25" height
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The Perfect Sleeper Hotel Presidential Suite Plush mattress is a great option for side sleepers. It's recommended as the best hotel mattress for side sleepers because of its excellent performance in our pressure testing for side sleepers of all sizes. It also has plenty of positive customer reviews.

The 800 Continuous Coil Support System provides good, durable support. The gel foam comfort layer will also provide pain-preventing support and pressure relief, very important for side sleepers who tend to have more intense pressure points in the shoulders and hips.

3.) Best Value - Presidential Suite Firm

Presidential Suite Firm
  • Recommended for 5 out of 6 categories based on our pressure test
  • Most affordable
  • 800 Continuous Support Coil System
  • Firm comfort level, 2 out of 10 on our Comfort Scale
  • 14.25" height
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This mattress earns the best value for its exceptional price while still including some of the better features. It has the better coil system of the collection, the 800 Continuous Coil System, and features Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam. It also performed fairly well in our pressure testing, even for side sleepers who usually don't fair as well on such a firm mattress.

Its sizable height also indicates that there are plenty of comfort materials packed in, meaning this mattress will be both comfortable and long-lasting.

4.) Best Soft Mattress- Presidential Suite Euro Pillow Top

Presidential Suite Euro Pillow Top mattress
  • Good for 5 out of 6 categories that we pressure tested for
  • Plush pillowtop feel, 6 out of 10 on our Comfort Scale
  • Cool Twist Gel Memory Foam
  • 800 Continuous Coil Support System
  • 14.5" height
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The Serta Hotel Presidential Suite Euro Pillow Top Mattress rates as the best soft hotel mattress thanks to its awesome features and good pressure test ratings. 

The cooling gel foam prevents overheating while also relieving pressure. This bed will be very comfortable for those who like a softer feel that's not overly squishy.

5.) Best Firm Mattress - Hotel Concierge Suite Firm

Concierge Suite Firm mattress
  • 800 Continuous Coil Support System
  • Cool Twist Gel Foam
  • Firm, 2/10 on our Comfort Scale
  • 12" height
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If you love a firm feel, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Concierge Suite Firm Double-Sided mattress is an excellent choice. It works well for any back sleeper, who do tend to like that firmer feel. Surprisingly, it also scored top marks for 2 out of 3 side sleeper categories that we tested.

The layers of foam provide cushioning for pressure points. Solid support comes from the 800 tied coils, and you can expect this mattress to last a good long time.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Collection

If you're looking for the best hotel mattress for sale, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Collection is a great place to explore. It has some of the best ratings and reviews of any hotel mattress brand. Serta took traditional flippable innerspring beds and brought them up to today's standards.

It's fitting since Serta is one of the main suppliers to hotels. They service luxury hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, and Bellagio. Serta Hotel also provides mattresses for hotels in over 150 different countries internationally.

There's a reason all these hotels choose Serta to provide mattresses for their hotel rooms. They want their guests to sleep comfortably, and as our pressure tests show, Serta's hotel beds ensure a good night of sleep. The beds highlighted above are excellent in terms of comfort, support, and durability. Get your hotel-quality sleep experience by buying a hotel mattress today!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 800-455-1052. Our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you out!

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