The Best Mattresses for Pregnant & Postpartum Women

Updated April 11, 2022

The best mattress for one pregnant woman is not the same one that will be ideal for another pregnant woman. There are some women who need different comfort and support postpartum than when they were pregnant. Knowing which will be the best choice can be difficult. The primary concerns soon-to-be and recent Moms have are as follows;

Recommended Mattresses for Quality Sleep while Pregnant
  • More Pressure Relief - Pregnant women in particular have a harder time getting into a comfortable sleeping position. Many times pregnant women are forced to sleep in positions that are not their preferred position.

  • Sleeping Too Hot - You're responsible for regulating the temperature of another human. Pregnant ladies to tend to sleep warmer than usual for this reason. Can a mattress help regulate excess temperature while I sleep?

  • Added Comfort/Softer - This applies to both pregnant women and those recovering during the postpartum phase of the pregnancy. Your body already has or is currently going through many changes. You want to feel relaxed and calm when you're in bed, more so as you're responsible for another human being!

  • Added Safety/Allergies - Some women become ultra-sensitive to scents and odors. Your current bed might not be the best environment for you and your baby. Maybe a natural mattress would be a more ideal set-up for you both?

  • Expense/Save Money - You already have to worry about bringing another person into this world and all the costs associated. You know you need a new mattress but you don't want to break the bank. Parents sacrifice so much for their children, a comfortable mattress doesn't have to be one more sacrifice.

Best for Relieving Pressure

Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 200 Plush Mattress

The Serta iComfort Hybrid Blue Fusion 200 Plush mattress performed exceptionally well during our pressure testing. Being a hybrid model it combines the best of both worlds, all the benefits of an innerspring plus the benefits of a memory foam mattress. These two components together provide excellent pressure relief.

You get the conforming comfort from gel memory foam. This material will contour around every curve to give you maximum comfort. The innerspring system is made up of individual springs that support each part of your body for great weight distribution. As more weight is added, the middle and bottom third of the coil are firmer and provide support for the heavier parts of your body.

Best for Cooling

Serta iComfort CF4000 Plush Mattress

The Serta iComfort CF4000 Plush mattress has several layers of cooling materials. Ultra-Cool Phase Change Material combines with Carbon Fiber Memory foam to draw heat away from your body. Air-cushion technology (AirSupport™ Foam) moves with your body and smartly contours around it. This helps to soothe pressure points and alleviate aches and pains. It also allows better airflow through the mattress to help maintain your body temperature.

Add to these features the fact that this mattress comes highly recommended for back sleepers and it's ideal for pregnant women. As you probably know, the most recommended sleep position for pregnant women is on their backs. This mattress gives you the comfort and support you need and the cooling benefits you want.

Best for Extra Comfort/Softest

Beautyrest Platinum Tillingham Plush Pillow Top Mattress

With over six inches of comfort foam, the Beautyrest Platinum Tillingham Plush Pillow Top is one of the softest available. Beautyrest combines these foams with the 1000 Series Individual Pocketed Coil System. These coils conform to each curve of your body for maximum conforming support. We rate this mattress a 9 on our comfort scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest). It will feel almost like you're sleeping on a huge poofy pillow.

That's not to say it will be uncomfortable or unsupportive. It'll still support your back well. In fact, our pressure testing confirms that this mattress is extraordinarily supportive of your back. This is true for all sleep positions and body sizes, as well.

Best for Allergies/Hypoallergenic

All natural mattress

The US Mattress Naturals Level 6 Luxury Plush gets built with all-natural materials. This mattress has absolutely no foam, so you don't have to worry about off-gassing. It's made exclusively with all-natural materials like cotton and wool. The Wool and Cotton Blend comfort layer aids in alleviating pressure points. It also regulates temperature, contours to the body, and-- unlike foam-- offers a high degree of breathability.

If allergies or smells in your mattress are a major concern the Level 6 mattress is a great choice. You get all the comfort of a conventional mattress without any unnatural elements. You can rest assured that you and your baby are sleeping in a more hypoallergenic environment.

Best Value/Most Cost Effective

Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Pillow Top Mattress

You don't have to sacrifice comfort and quality to save some money. The Sierra Sleep Limited Edition Pillow Top is both very cost-effective and made with high-quality materials. It's rated a 7 on our 10-point comfort scale and comes very highly recommended for back sleepers.

The mattress is made by Ashley Sleep, a division of Ashley Furniture. They've been offering affordable mattress options for ten years now. This mattress will be compressed into a box and shipped right to your front door!

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