Casper Mattress: Understanding Your Options

The Casper mattress took the US by storm and has since solidified itself as a household name. Originally developed using latex, but later changed out, the Casper mattress features 3 layers of pressure-relieving open-cell foams along with a zoned support layer that adds extra support. The neutral level of comfort means it’s designed to provide a blend of contouring softness and firm support.

While the Casper mattress is a good product, there are alternatives from the larger manufacturers that offer better value, nearly identical comfort, and outstanding performance. This is because Casper's main expense is advertising and larger, longer-standing brands can produce an exceptional product without the same overhead.

Features Casper Sealy Fondness Serta Comfort CF3000 Tempur Pro Adapt Medium
Height 12" 11.5" 12.5" 12"
Pressure Relief Poly Foam 1.5" SealyChill Gel Memory Foam
1.5" Sealy ComfortSense Gel Memory Foam
4" Carbon Fiber Memory Foam 2" Tempurpedic Foam
2" Tempur APR Foam
8" Tempur Base Foam
Cooling Open Cell Foam Open Celled Cool Foam
Moisture Wicking Cover
Max Cool Cover
Ultra Cool Phase Change Material
Smart Climate Dual Cover System
High Density Woven Yarn
Super Stretch Inner Layer
Memory Foam Undisclosed Amount 3" Gel Memory Foam 4" Gel Memory Foam 12" Tempurpedic Foam
Trial Period 100 Nights 120 Nights 120 Nights 120 Nights
Price $995 $1,249 $2,099 $2,999
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