Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Albany Medium 13" Mattress

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Size: Twin XL
Adjustable Base and Box Spring

Welcome to the New Hybrid

With upgrades over the previous generation's hybrid at this level, the Sealy Posturepedic Plus Hybrid Albany Medium mattress offers a cool-to-the-touch cover, premium memory foam, and a high coil count back support system at a neutral feel to provide you an amazing night's sleep.

The Perfect Goldilocks Feel

This mattress achieves a perfect balance between support and comfort scoring a 5 on our comfort scale. This mattress features a full sheet of Sealy's most premium memory foam to relieve all your pressure points letting you get a great night's sleep. Combined with the other quality gel based foams, Sealy has elevated the durability and substance of the hybrid collection while still maintaining a not too firm and not too soft feel in the Albany.

Individualized, Conforming Support

The Sealy Response Pro HD Encased Coil provides exceptional back support through a series of hundreds of individually wrapped coils. This high grade steel is fashioned into coils that can operate independently of one another to conform to your body regardless of your sleeping preference while working together to support you everywhere, helping you to avoid an achy back in the morning.

SealyChill on the Move

Previous generations of Sealy's cooling technology were only found in the foam layers below. In this new line, the cooling properties formerly buried in the mattress are now brought to the top with an application of SealyChill directly on the surface of the mattress to help you drift off to sleep in a calm and cooling environment.

Not an Amateur Edge Support

The Albany is the first mattress in the Posturepedic Hybrid collection to feature the DuraFlex Pro Edge. This is a coil based edge support system to provide consistent support from one side of the mattress to the other. Being fashioned out of steel instead of foam already made the standard DuraFlex Edge more breathable, but the DuraFlex Pro Edge takes it a step further with additional ventilation to help your mattress have optimal airflow, helping to avoid the mattress sleeping hot.

All Gel or Memory Foam

Not all mattresses are created equal. Plenty of mattresses use non upgraded foams to help achieve the level of comfort desired by the manufacturer. Sealy went above and beyond that industry practice for this collection of hybrids. The only foams you will find in this collection, including the Albany, are gel based or premium memory foams. These foams provide more pressure point relief, better durability over time, and overall a higher quality product.

Rated G for All Audiences

The components of this mattress make it a solid choice for anyone looking to avoid extremes. Not a mattress that feels like a board and not a mattress that feels like you will be swallowed, the Albany has a great balanced feel with solid components fit to provide anyone remarkable sleep for the next 10 years!

Works With All Bed Types

Box Spring
Box Spring
Traditional Frames
Traditional Frames
Adjustable Bases
Adjustable Bases

Your mattress purchase is fully compatible with all modern support systems, including adjustable base, platform bed, box spring/foundation, even the floor!

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