Sealy Posturepedic Santa Paula V Soft 12" Mattress

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Size: Twin
Adjustable Base and Box Spring

High Value Mattress Made Affordable

by Jed Harrington

The Santa Paula V Soft is an entry-level Posturepedic model, but it still has the support and comfort this line is known for. A bonus feature is the SurfaceGuard Technology with MoistureProtect which is great at wicking away moisture, keeping you dry and cool while protecting your mattress. You'll sleep healthier each night. For the value of this mattress, it's a great price.

Meeting in the Middle

At a 5 on our comfort scale the Sealy Posturepedic Santa Paula V Soft may be a bit firmer than the name implies. This is a true medium on or scale falling into the category of not too soft and not too firm. Layers of SealyCool Air Gel Foam and SealyCool Gel Foam Soft create a soft surface feel and provide flexible and durable body contouring for pressure relief. The medium feel of this mattress is a good fit for couples who can't agree on a comfort or as a guest bed due to its versatility.

Sealy's Responsive Support System

The individually wrapped nature of the coils in this mattress means that they can target support according to your needs, as they move separately. This characteristic also decreases the chances of feeling movements from across the bed, which is helpful when sleeping with a partner or pets. There's also a gel foam bar across the middle that adds more support for your back.

Moves Air Through To Keep It Cool

The breathable SealyCool Gel Foam in the quilt cover increases the amount of air flowing through the mattress, keeping you cooler through the night.

Durably Supported Edges

The StableEdge Pro feature on this mattress is great for adding durability to your comfort life, preventing sagging, and keeping the surface supportive all the way to each side.

Is This Your Posturepedic Match?

If you are on the hunt for an affordable option that still has great quality features and like a medium feel, This is a great option. As the Medium comfort works well for all sleeping positions this could also be a good fit for a guest bedroom.


Works With All Bed Types

Box Spring
Box Spring
Traditional Frames
Traditional Frames
Adjustable Bases
Adjustable Bases

Your mattress purchase is fully compatible with all modern support systems, including adjustable base, platform bed, box spring/foundation, even the floor!

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