Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Master Suite Plush Double Sided 11" Mattress


Serta Perfect Sleeper Hotel Master Suite Plush Double Sided 11" Mattress

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Size: Twin
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Adjustable Base and Box Spring

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Hotel Durability At Home

by David Higgins

Serta's Perfect Sleeper Hotel Master Suite Plush Double Sided Mattress features supportive comfort layers, a sturdy continuous coil system, and a unique two sided design. This mattress is much firmer than the name would imply.

A Firm Comfort

Coming in at a 2 out of 10 on our comfort scale, this mattress is much firmer than the plush name suggests. With a very firm feel, it still includes some great comfort padding layers for pressure relief. The layer of Body Loft allows for airflow and wicks moisture away from the surface for a comfortable deeper sleep. Next up the PillowSoft Foam is a polyurethane based foam that offers a soft feel and adds pressure relief so that you can sleep ache free. The Cool Twist Gel Foam brings more body contouring and further pressure relief.

Strong Coil Support

Serta's 800 FE Continuous Support provides stable consistent support to your body. Unlike most continuous coils systems in which the coils are tied together on all four sides, these are tied only vertically so that any movement stays one side of the bed rather than transferring across the surface to help you have undisturbed sleep.

A Stable Edge

The Total Edge Foam Encasement used in the Hotel line offers an impressively stable edge. The edge support offers a comfortable seating edge and even with all your weight on the edge of the bed it holds up very well. This strong edge gives you a greater usable area as you can sleep close the end of the bed while still feeling supported.

Two Sided Design

Featuring a two sided design, this mattress has the same comfort padding layers on each side with the coil system nestled in the middle. You can rotate the mattress every 6-12 months to access brand new or refreshed foams for an overall longer comfort life.

10 Year Warranty

Equipped with a 10 year manufacturer's warranty, you can sleep well knowing that this mattress is built to last for years to come.

Is the Perfect Sleeper Hotel Master Suite Plush right for you?

Built for both durability and comfort, the Master Suite Plush is a mattress that will offer good sleep for years to come. If you like some of the more traditional features, like a two sided design and sturdy continuous coil, this is a great choice for those who prefer a very firm feel. The firmness of this mattress is best for back and stomach sleepers.

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  • Pressure Relief
    Pressure Relieving

    Incorporates a layer of conforming materials that mold to your body, offering appropriate support and alleviation.

  • Supportive

    Incorporates a support mechanism designed to adapt to your body's contours, promoting balanced weight distribution for optimal alignment.

  • Breathable

    The breathable layers of this mattress promote cooler sleeping conditions, reducing the likelihood of waking up frequently during the night.

  • Flippable

    This reversible mattress allows for periodic flipping to evenly distribute wear and tear, potentially extending its lifespan.


Height: 11"

Comfort: Firm

Quilting Layer

FireBlocker® Fiber

BodyLoft® Foam

Comfort Layer

Serta® PillowSoft® Aire

Cool Twist® Gel Foam

Support System

800 Continuous Support® Innerspring

Total Edge® Foam Encasement

Works With All Bed Types

  • Box Spring

    Box Spring

  • Traditional Frames

    Traditional Frames

  • Platform


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