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Scott Living Barrington Firm 14" Mattress

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Size: Twin XL
Adjustable Base and Box Spring

Elevate Your Sleep Experience with the Triple Cooling System

Indulge in the pinnacle of sleep innovation with our Triple Cooling System – a meticulously crafted ensemble designed to enhance your sleep quality. Imagine a symphony of cooling polyethylene fiber yarn, gel foam in the quilt, and AlumiLast Memory Foam strategically positioned near the mattress surface.

Together, they orchestrate a seamless ballet, delicately ushering heat away from your body, creating a personalized temperature-controlled microclimate that lasts throughout the night. It's nothing short of magic, ensuring a luxuriously comfortable sleep session.

AlumiLast - Unveiling the Power of Aluminum

Behold the AlumiLast Memory Foam, a testament to our commitment to unparalleled sleep technology. Infused with aluminum within its cell structure, this marvel of engineering acts as a sleep superhero, conducting heat away from your body with precision.

The result? A cooler and more comfortable sleep surface that scientifically outlasts other foams, doubling the duration of coolness. Furthermore, the inclusion of aluminum fiber gives your mattress an extended lifespan of enduring comfort – a win for both innovation and longevity.

MicroCoil Marvel - Precision in Support

Envision the Twin Edge Support Foam Encased MicroCoils elegantly gracing the surface, harmoniously collaborating with a foam-encased edge to create the epitome of a support system. This VIP treatment ensures an all-encompassing coziness that transcends the ordinary.

Q5 Twin Support – A Champion for Spine Alignment

Introducing the Q5 Twin Support 970 Foam Encased Innerspring system – the undisputed champion for spinal alignment. Boasting double-wrapped, contouring coils strategically zoned to provide optimal support for your lower back and thighs, it's akin to having a personalized support team.

Embrace an edge-to-edge sleep surface that secures enduring comfort for individuals of every body shape and size. Sleep with the assurance of a true connoisseur.

Works With All Bed Types

Box Spring
Box Spring
Traditional Frames
Traditional Frames
Adjustable Bases
Adjustable Bases

Your mattress purchase is fully compatible with all modern support systems, including adjustable base, platform bed, box spring/foundation, even the floor!

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