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What to Know About Firm Mattresses

Firm mattresses last longer in many cases, boasting longer showroom comfort and durability. This is the result of thicker coil gauges, more dense comfort layers, and an overall more substantial design.

Who Should Buy a Firm Mattress?

Firm mattresses are designed for back and stomach sleepers who want a substantial, supportive feel rather than the experience of "sleeping on a cloud." There are a lot of misconceptions around firm beds, but we'll clear those up for you!

You may be wondering, "Is a firm mattress good for back pain?" The answer is varied, as it depends on your sleep position and body type. For many back and stomach sleepers, a firm mattress can be essential for waking up without aches and pains. This goes especially for those with back, neck, or shoulder problems.

However, side sleepers should avoid firm mattresses as they often do not have enough body contouring capabilities. Lack of pressure relief can lead to excessive pressure buildup in outlying areas like the shoulders and hips.

What is a Luxury Firm Mattress?

There is a range of firmness levels, some are labeled cushion firm or luxury firm. These mattresses will be less hard, with a bit of a contouring feel. Check out our comfort scale to get a more exact idea of the level of comfort for any given mattress model.

Extra firm mattresses are made for those looking to sleep on something just slightly more comfortable than a carpeted floor. As the most firm mattresses, they are really only for those who already know and love a very firm mattress.

What is a medium-firm mattress? Just what it sounds like, it leans more towards a neutral feel but with just a hint of firmness. This is a great choice for those who sleep with a partner that doesn't want a hard mattress or those who aren't sure what they like yet.

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We have plenty of firm options for you to browse. We have some of the best rated firm mattresses available today. Find the right firm mattress for your needs, just give us a call if you need help! Our team of experts can be reached at 800-455-1052.