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hand pressing gel memeory foamShopping for a mattress can be difficult, especially when you're purchasing a different type of mattress than you've had in the past. Below you will find a selection of our most popular Gel Memory Foam Mattresses, complete with customer reviews, to give you a good place to start looking for a new Gel Memory Foam mattress. Check out the information on the product pages as well as what customers liked and disliked about that specific mattress to help you find your perfect match.

At the bottom of the page you will also find collection overviews that highlight the differences between our leading Gel Memory Foam mattress collections. This can be a good way to find which brand has technologies more focused on your sleeping needs and preferences.

Top-Rated Gel Mattresses

Gel Foam Mattress Collection Overviews

We carry many different kinds of gel memory foam mattresses from some of the world's most recognized brands. Here are the most popular gel memory foam mattress brands we offer.

Sealy Optimum

Sealy combined temperature control, comfort, and support to create the Optimum sleep experience. OptiCool gel memory foam is fused with OutLast to provide a refreshing coolness - giving sleepers the relieving feeling of the cool side of a pillow. Outlast is believed to be the most effective material for removing excess heat throughout the night. As a sleeper gets hot, the heat is absorbed, and as the body cools down, that heat is released. OptiSense memory foam creates a body-hugging feel for that truly unique memory foam sleep experience. Additionally, Sealy's patent pending OptiCore is designed specifically to deliver support that's a cut above other memory foam mattresses. 
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Serta iComfort

The Serta iComfort series combines the conformability and exceptional motion separation of memory foam with the pressure relieving durability of gel to create the ultimate sleep experience. Serta's Cool Action Gel Memory Foam is the world's first memory foam infused MicroSupport gel. Serta's Cool Action material combines an open cell structure and MicroSupport gel to dramatically increase airflow and wick moisture away from the body. Serta iComfort mattress are up to 12 times more breathable than ordinary memory foam, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable sleep experience. The iComfort Directions Sleep System features the first dual action gel memory foam sleep system designed from the surface to core for enhanced temperature regulation, support, and durability. Serta's Cool Action Dual Effects material combines memory foam with 25% more gel than is found in the original Cool Action gel memory foam. 
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Serta Perfect Sleeper

Perfect Sleeper mattresses provide support via Serta's FreeFlex Innerspring Unit, a tied coil system that provides up to 25% more support in the center third of the mattress than traditional coil systems. This ensures that the lower back gets the support it needs to maintain healthy sleeping posture throughout the night. Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are a great choice for anyone looking for a high performance innerspring mattress with some of today's best comfort materials. The Serta Perfect Sleeper series was designed in partnership with the National Sleep Foundation to eliminate the top five causes of sleep disruption: tossing and turning, a lack of support, sleeping too hot or too cold, a partner's movement, and mattress sag. Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are designed to address all of these issues to help rid the world of sleepless nights. 
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The Sertapedic Gel Memory Foam series provides more economical options for the cost-conscious mattress shopper. This collection consists of only two models: the Bramford Cap and the Atherly Cap. Both are completely foam mattresses infused with CoolTwist Gel Memory Foam. The CoolTwist is a great feature as it not only gives the mattress a more substantial feel than plain polyurethane foam, but it also provides better pressure relief and feels cooler to keep you from overheating. The Sertapedic Gel Memory Foam line comes with a 10-year, non-prorated warranty, which means that you get an affordable gel memory foam mattress backed by a fantastic guarantee. 
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