Malouf Structures E255 Adjustable Base Review

Updated August 18, 2022

The E255 split size set up on a gray platform bed with the right side raised up at the head and the left side laying flat

The fourth model of six in the Structures collection by Malouf is the E255 Adjustable Base. It has the same head and foot functionality as the higher-end models but at a lower price. As you research this base for more information, please consider our expert review below:

A Malouf E255's Features

  • Independent head incline: 0 - 60 degrees

  • Independent foot incline: 0 - 45 degrees

  • 14-inch height from floor to top of the base

  • Includes 12-inch legs

  • Modular legs available in additional sizes

  • Wired remote control

  • Three preset positions: Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat

  • Two programmable positions can be customized and saved

  • True zero clearance; remove the legs to place directly on foundations, platform bases, slat beds, or ground

  • Upholstered two-tone black color

  • Folds in half for easy FedEx and UPS shipping

  • Set up in 15 minutes from start to finish

  • 750 lb. weight capacity on both sizes

  • 10-year limited warranty guarantees high-quality construction

Pros & Cons

  • Offers 3 preset positions on the remote including the anti-snore feature
  • Very durable with a 750 lb. capacity on all sizes
  • Full head and foot articulation
  • More affordable than the higher-end models
  • Easy & quick shipping, all sizes ship with UPS
  • Fewer premium luxury features than the three models above it in the Structures collection
  • Shorter warranty than other models, only 10 years
  • Not available in Twin & Full sizes

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Benefits of an Adjustable Base

An adjustable foundation can be a great addition to your bed. It can enhance the comfort that you get from your mattress by allowing you to sleep in more comfortable positions. This is particularly good for people who are bedridden or are recuperating and on bed rest. It allows you to move the bed into a position that's more comfortable, promotes blood flow, and makes living life a little easier. The Malouf Structures E255 power foundation comes with so many features that you'll experience higher quality sleep.

Additional Information

The button layout on E255's wireless remote:

E255 Remote showing the zero gravity button, flat button, anti snore button, and position adjustment buttons.

The underside of the E255 showing the mechanics of the base?

E255 Underside showing the battery, hydraulics, and frame of the base

Here's a comparison chart for all of Malouf's adjustable bases:

Malouf Comparison Chart showing that the E255 is in the middle range of how many features it has, specific features listed in previous section


The Malouf Structures E255 Adjustable Base comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

Malouf Structures E255 Owner's Manual [PDF]

About Malouf

Sam and Kacie Malouf transformed a two-person operation into a company with over 11,000 product choices. In their journey, Sam and Kacie found a common thread tying consumers together—desire for comfort, identity, and value.

They’ve explored the globe, hunting for artisanal bedding honed through generations of practice in Italy, France, and Egypt. They’ve refined modern products, infusing unique foams with natural materials, and improving the features and usability of adjustable bed bases. The result is an ode to time-tested materials fused with the freshness of cutting-edge technologies.

E255 Profile Image showing multiple possible positions


The E255 Adjustable Base is the fourth model out of six in the Structures collection by Malouf. It's a more basic design than the three higher-end models in the collection. It offers head and foot functioning with three preset positions as well.

The anti-snore feature that the E255 offers is nice for those who live with sleep apnea. I particularly like the zero-gravity preset position which promotes blood flow. This position enhances comfort for everyone but is especially nice for people who remain in bed for long periods of time.

The Structures E255 Power Base offers great features for a lower cost than the higher-end models by Malouf. You can save a good amount of money is you're looking for a decent adjustable foundation at a lower price. I like this base because it represents a great choice for someone's first adjustable bed. If you're not sure you'll like how it feels to sleep in a bed with an adjustable the E255 is a great starter base.

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