Why Mattress Names Vary by Retailer

If you've ever tried to replace an old mattress with an exact match, or tried to compare a model at one store to another, you may have found that it simply doesn't exist anywhere else. 
Doesn't that seem strange?

If you delve a little deeper, do some more research, you may find that the mattress you are looking at is extremely similar, maybe even identical, to one that you've found elsewhere, only with a different name.

Curiouser and curiouser.

What if we told you that those mattresses are the same, and it's all a trick? This may seem like some sort of conspiracy theory, but it's actually pretty close to the truth.

Why the Name Game?

With most products, manufacturers establish a uniform name that remains consistent from retailer to retailer. In the mattress world, however, there are retailers who use different names for the same model, with little to no difference in the actual product. A different name makes it more difficult to price compare and shop around, so if you are looking to compare the price of Retailer X's "John Doe" mattress to Retailer Y's "John Doe" mattress, you may find that Retailer Y doesn't carry the "John Doe." In fact, no other retailer carries the "John Doe," so if you want that mattress, you have to go to Retailer X. What they don't tell you, is Retailer X's "John Doe" mattress is exactly the same as Retailer Y's "Jane Do" mattress. This way the retailers don't have to compete, and they can charge whatever they want to customers who want to replace a mattress they've enjoyed over the years.

Same, Similar, and Comparable

One defense that retailers use to further convolute comparison shopping is making subtle, usually insignificant changes to the mattress. This way they can say that the "John Doe" and "Jane Doe" mattresses are different because they use different fabrics in the quilt or have an extra 1/4-inch of foam. Sometimes they just use different colors or quilt patterns. But for all intents and purposes, these mattresses are the same to the customer. They feel the same and use the same major components, but may have a different name, look, or subtle construction differences.

In some cases, these mattress can literally be the same. Often they are very similar save for aesthetic or minor material changes. Even in the case of an extra 1/4-inch of foam, these comparable mattresses will be indistinguishable to the customer.

The US-Mattress Advantage

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Best Products, Best Prices

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