Memory Foam Mattress Types

Traditional, AirCool, and Gel Memory Foam

Traditional Memory Foam

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  • Memory foam reduces pressure points and conforms to the body. Less pressure increases blood circulation for better sleep.

  • Memory foam is naturally anti-dust mite and anti-microbial. This promotes a healthier sleep environment which is especially important for people with asthma or allergies.

  • Memory foam mattresses reduce motion transfer, which is important for couples.

  • Memory foam is very durable. Most mattress warranties require a 1.5-inch body indentation before they are labeled as defective. Most memory foam mattresses require only a 0.5-inch indentation.

AirCool Memory Foam

  • AirCool Memory Foam responds much quicker than traditional memory foam. This eliminates that "quicksand" feeling some people dislike.

  • The open cell structure of AirCool Memory Foam allows for better airflow which reduces the heat retention issues some people complain about with traditional memory foam.

  • AirCool Memory Foam is a little softer than traditional memory foam. It's perfect for those who prefer a softer Comfort Scale rating.

Gel Memory Foam

  • Gel memory foam is more durable than traditional memory foam.

  • Gel memory foam is even more effective at reducing pressure.

  • Gel memory foam mattresses tend to be denser. This is nice for those who prefer a firmer Comfort Scale rating.

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