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Made to conform to the curves of your body while providing pressure relief and temperature regulation. Say goodbye to foam. Natural is here to stay.

Mother Nature Knows Best Sleep better on comfortable layers of fluffy wool and cotton
No Foam Allowed Unlike foam beds, our all-natural beds can be labeled as “safe” and “non-toxic”
Pocketed Coil Technology Enjoy gentle yet solid support in every area of your mattress with individually wrapped coils
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About Our All Natural Mattresses

Natural mattresses are made to offer great comfort and pressure relief, the way nature intended, without the use of synthetic foams. Natural materials like Wool and Cotton, wick away moisture, conform to the curves of your body, and provide long-lasting, comfortable sleep.

We take an extra degree of concern when making sure our beds are flame resistant as well. The combination of all-natural materials passes industry-standard tests with flying colors - performing just as well if not better than the chemical treatments other mattresses have.


Naturals by US-Mattress Overview

The Naturals by US-Mattress collection was created because we noticed an issue within the mattress industry: a lack of high quality, all-natural mattress options, at affordable prices. We got to work, creating mattresses using organic and natural materials like cotton and wool. The mattresses in this collection are designed to provide great comfort and proper support, without the use of foams. Enjoy all-natural comfort, eco-friendly materials, and sleep well knowing the choice you made is helping both you, as well as the environment.

Restonic All Natural Overview

The Restonic "No Foam" mattress is made using all-natural comfort materials that provide not only excellent comfort but do so without the use of foam. This mattress was designed to help offer an alternative to the seemingly ubiquitous foam models so widely featured around the country. Made with Jacquard Organic Cotton Fabric, Wool, and Nano Coils, the Restonic all-natural mattress has everything you need to start enjoying a natural, eco-friendly sleep.