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About Sealy Mattresses

Sealy is perhaps best known for their Posturepedic Technology, which delivers precise support exactly where you need it. Developed with input from orthopedic specialists, Posturepedic Technology defined Sealy mattresses for decades. In the current Sealy lineup, all Conform and Response mattresses in the Performance and Premium categories include Posturepedic Technology. Sealy Response mattresses are the all-new innerspring collection, and Sealy Conform are the all-new memory foam collection. There is also the Sealy Posturepedic Hybrid series which combines both innerspring and memory foam technology.

Sealy is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the mattress industry. When you lie on a Sealy mattress, you can feel over a century of mattress ingenuity working beneath your body. With quality lines like Sealy Conform, Sealy Response, and Posturepedic Hybrid, Sealy offers consumers healthy, supportive sleep at every price point.

As one of America's premier bedding manufacturers, Sealy excels in producing mattresses that employ current and cutting edge technology. Sealy spends more than twice as much time and money on research and development than their closest competitor, and more than all other manufacturers combined. They also hold more patents on mattress and foundation technologies than any other manufacturer. They have factories spread out over the country that specialize in a variety of mattress constructions, including innerspring, latex, memory foam, and gel memory foam.

When you shop with US-Mattress, you can enjoy the Sealy experience at a price that can't be beat. Our mattress experts go through several hours of Sealy training each year to ensure that they have the tools necessary to help you identify the best Sealy mattress for you. Shop for your Sealy today, and start getting the healthy, restful sleep you deserve. No matter what kind of mattress you're looking for, has what you need. If you have questions about mattresses or delivery options, our friendly mattress experts and customer service representatives are glad to help in any way they can.