Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base Review:

Updated November 5, 2022

Serta Motion Perfect with an iComfort Mattress

The Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base is a top-end power base. It's the best of the three models offered by Serta in terms of features and value for the price. Keep that in mind as you consider this base as a potential addition to your bedroom, luxury features always come at a luxury price. Compared to other luxury brand adjustable bases this price is more affordable but it's much more than the other two Serta models.

Making the decision to buy an adjustable base for your bedroom is a pretty big one. You'll want to know that you're making the right decision in terms of features offered, durability, and added benefits. We want to help you in making that decision so we've written this expert review with all the information that you need here

The Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable - An Overview

  • Four USB ports, two on either side
  • Head and foot adjust
  • Programmable buttons - two separate buttons for two preferred settings
  • One-touch flat button
  • Soft LED under-bed lighting
  • Wireless remote
  • Two-zone massage, up to six different intensities 
  • Retainer bar
  • Adjustable leg height, 8" to 17" tall
  • Zero gravity, a setting on the remote that simulates weightlessness
  • Platform bed friendly
  • Wall hugger
  • 850 lbs. capacity, highly durable

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Serta Motion Perfect IV Adjustable Base

Pros & Cons

  • Four USB outlets for device charging
  • Provides additional comfort to people with medical issues that require them to be in bed longer than others
  • Programmable settings on the remote for preferred positions
  • The Seat Extend feature reduces the bunching effect in the middle of the mattress
  • Helps cut down on snoring with the anti-snore button
  • Timer setting on the massage feature allows you to set it and not have to turn it off manually
  • Very durable, weight rated up to 850 lbs.
  • All adjustable bases are much heavier than regular foundations, be sure to have two people when moving and setting up a power base.
  • More expensive than other Serta adjustable bases

Other Serta Motion Perfect Features

Adjustable Height Legs

Sealy Ease Adjustable Legs

The legs for the Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable base come in three-inch increments, meaning that the base can be from 8" to 17" off the floor.  This is a great feature because everybody is of different heights so this caters to people of all heights.  The best part is that the legs automatically come with the base so you can adjust the height later on if you want the base lower to the floor or higher up, it meets your needs no matter what.

Seat Extend Feature

Serta Motion Perfect Power Base

The Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base has an added function called the Seat Extend feature that offers additional lumbar support and creates a more natural seating position for people who spend more time in bed.  It also helps to ensure that the mattress doesn't bunch up in the middle when the head and feet are lifted.  


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Additional Information

 Serta Motion Perfect Wireless Remote

Which parts control my Motion Perfect Base?

Motion Perfect Bottom View

How to Set Up Your New Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base:



The Serta Motion Perfect Foundations adjustable base has a 20-year limited warranty.

Serta Motion Perfect IV Owner's Manual [PDF]

About Serta

Since introducing the Perfect Sleeper® mattress to the world in 1931, Serta has been the name behind many “firsts” in the industry and gained a reputation for being a pioneer in comfort.  Serta Simmons Bedding, LLC (“SSB”) owns and manages three of the largest, most influential bedding brands in the mattress industry—National Bedding Company L.L.C. (the largest licensee and majority shareholder of Serta, Inc.), Simmons Bedding Company, LLC, and Tuft & Needle, LLC.  SSB is based in Atlanta and operates 36 manufacturing plants in the United States, five in Canada, and one in Puerto Rico.


The Serta Motion Perfect Adjustable Base sits at the top end of the three power base models offered by Serta. It has several luxury features that are not available in the Motion Slim nor the Motion Essential bases. Its price is something that you need to add to your consideration of purchasing an adjustable base. The price is higher than the other two Serta bases but less than other brands' premium power bases.

Advanced features like the dual-zone massage with variable settings up to six different settings are nice. Added benefits like the four USB ports, under-bed lighting, and two programmable presets on the remote are great options as well. The Seat Extend feature is great for people who have medical issues that require them to remain in bed for long periods of time. Comfort is important for everyone and knowing that you can set the bed to a more natural seating position is reassuring.
I am a huge fan of this adjustable base because you're getting amazing premium features at a lower cost than other luxury power bases.

I've done my own research on several of these adjustable bases and this is one of my favorites. Don't forget that an adjustable base can help you with problems like acid reflux, sleep apnea, and arthritis! I personally bought one of these bases for my Mother who suffers from Osteo-arthritis and it helps her to sleep in the most comfortable position she can manage. I absolutely recommend this adjustable base as a great way to enhance comfort and alleviate medical ailments.

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