Frequently Asked Questions

What makes SFERRA So Special?

In 1891, Gennaro SFERRA emigrated to the United States and toured the resorts from Maine to Palm Beach selling exquisite Venetian lace cuffs and collars to the wealthy families of the day. Gennaro saw tremendous demand for delicate hand embroideries and opened a factory in Venice, Italy in 1905. Traveling twice yearly by steamer, Gennaro created and developed a collection of the most unique linens, hand-made laces, and embroideries.

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, SFERRA's two sons, Enrico and Albert, expanded the collection to include the most luxurious linens Europe had to offer; Ireland's finest linen double damask, France's intricate Alençon Laces, Swiss embroideries from the Portuguese island of Madeira. Providing the linens and furnishings for society homes, heads of state, and the Vatican, the SFERRA brothers created a premier luxury linen collection renowned for excellence in quality and graceful design.

Today, SFERRA Bros. Ltd. continues the tradition that Gennaro began more than a century ago, capturing the timeless beauty of the world's finest fabrics and embroideries for a lifetime of luxury and comfort. Upholding the quality that distinguishes Old World tradition and classic styling. SFERRA Bros. finds its roots in a rich past.

What is thread count?

Thread count describes the quality of cotton fabrics used for sheets and pillowcases. You can actually count the number of threads per square inch of cotton fabric using a magnifying "pick glass" which measures 1" square. You can physically count the number of threads in warp (vertical yarns), and the weft (horizontal yarns). The quality of silk and linen sheets is judged differently.

Generally speaking, the higher the thread count, the smoother and finer the sheet. However, a high thread count can be very misleading. It is only one of the features that determine the quality of fine bed sheets and pillowcases. The base fiber and the size and quality of the yarns are far more important.

Too confusing? A good rule of thumb: trust your hand! If the product comes from a reputable manufacturer and feels good, buy it!

Why do sheets lose their shine and their silky smoothness after they are washed?

Sateen sheets will lose their shine and silkiness after the first wash due to the construction of sateen weaves. Ironing will smooth the fibers and regain the luster and the sheen of the fabric.

Why don't my sheets fit my bed any longer?

Due to the biological makeup of all-natural fibers, there will be shrinkage. We anticipate this at the production level by increasing our size specs to anticipate a (3-5%) shrinkage factor for cotton sheeting.

We also weave a number of our bed linen styles on looms that measure 120" wide. This allows us wider widths and makes deeper fitted, or contoured sheets to fit the larger mattresses being made in the United States.

What is the difference between jacquard and damask?

Both jacquards and damasks are woven textile designs. Woven jacquard designs are created on a jacquard loom and are generally used for sheeting weight fabrics for bed linens. Woven damasks are generally created with heavier yarns to create table linen fabrics, wall coverings, and furniture fabrics.

There are so many matelassé coverlets on the market, at so many different prices, how do I know what is best?

Matelassé coverlets have long been a traditional item within our collection. They are designed to cover blankets and provide a more formal bed covering. We offer matelassé coverlets to coordinate with our bed linens.

We have developed two distinct types of matelassé coverlets; those from Portugal are preshrunk for easy care, and those made in Italy, which requires dry cleaning.

How long should my bedsheets last?

With proper care, fine bed linens can last for many years. In order to assure the long life of your bed linens, it is best to alternate use of each set on a weekly basis. Three sets of sheets for each bed is a good guideline to follow. In between each use, launder and store your linens in a well-ventilated space. For best results when laundering, use a non-chlorine bleach or liquid detergent. Wash on a gentle cycle with warm water. Line dry or tumble dry until still slightly damp. Overdrying can greatly diminish the life cycle of your sheets.

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