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Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Reviews

beautyrest logoSimmons Beautyrest is one of our most popular mattress brands and a name that you will probably recognize when shopping for a new mattress. On this page you will find a history of the Simmon's brand, overviews of the current collections, as well as reviews of some of our more popular Simmons Beautyrest models. These reviews come straight from our customers; they have ordered a Simmons Beautyrest mattress from us and were kind enough to provide thoughtful feedback (good or bad). So check out some of the customer favorites below, and follow the "Customer Reviews" links to see what folks thought of them.

You might find reviews that praise what you are looking for in a mattress, or you could even come across complaints you are trying to avoid; either way, we know you will glean important information about these products to help you make the best decision possible. And if it turns out Simmons Beautyrest isn't for you, don't fret! We have hundreds of other mattresses available and are confident we have the perfect mattress for your body and budget. It's just a matter of finding it!

Top-Rated Mattresses

  1. Queen Simmons Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Tracy III Firm Mattress
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    Comfort Scale - 2.5
  2. Queen Simmons Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Vivian III Luxury Firm Mattress
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    Comfort Scale - 4
  3. Queen Simmons Beautyrest Silver Hybrid Vivian III Ultimate Plush Mattress
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    Comfort Scale - 6.5

Simmons Beautyrest History

Simmons Bedding Company Beginnings

Simmons is one of the oldest companies of its kind, and one of the top mattress brands next to Serta and Sealy. Founded in 1870 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Simmons got its start manufacturing wooden insulators and cheese boxes. In 1876, Zalmon G. Simmons changed the company's scope with mass produced woven wire mattresses. In 1889, Simmons introduced spiral coil springs. With spiral coil springs and Simmons' cutting edge manufacturing process, the price of a woven wire mattress fell from $12 to 95 cents, which allowed all income brackets to afford comfortable sleep. Over the past century-and-a-half, Simmons has continued to be a leader in innovation and new mattress technologies, including their invention of the patented wrapped coil springs in 1900 and the machine that massed produced them in 1925. To this day, all Simmons mattresses are designed and manufactured in the United States. 

Beautyrest & the Patented Pocketed Coil®

While wrapped coil springs were first introduced in 1900, the time and labor needed to produce a wrapped coil spring mattress made them only available to the upper class. It wasn't until 1925, when Simmons engineer John Franklin Gail designed a machine that could mass produce them, that the Pocketed Coil® Springs became affordable to everyday people. This machine marked the beginning of the Simmons Beautyrest Mattress Collection and a 90+ year journey that continues to evolve as Simmons introduces new and improved Beautyrest mattress technologies each year. 

But what makes the Pocketed Coil®'s so special today? The wrapped design of Beautyrest Pocketed Coil® Springs allow them to adjust to your weight independently of one another. Because the coils aren't tied to each other, they are able to contour more effectively to the curves of your body and transfer much less motion. Light sleepers - or those who sleep next to one - will appreciate the Super Pocketed Coil® system as it transfers even less motion between sleeping partners while simultaneously providing solid back support. 

Simmons Beautyrest Collections

Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are available in a variety of models and price points. The three Simmons Beautyrest collections are: Beautyrest Platinum, Beautyrest Silver, and Beautyrest Black. You may have heard of the Beautyrest Elite, Beautyrest Anniversary, or Beautyrest Exceptionale, but these collections have since been discontinued. All Beautyrest mattresses feature the following:

So what is different about the three Beautyrest collections? Differences exist in the coil count and type of comfort materials used in the mattresses. 

Beautyrest Black: Exquisite Luxury

Beautyrest Black mattresses are the top-of-the-line from the Beautyrest series. These mattresses are comprised of the most advanced comfort materials Simmons has to offer, such as BlackIce Memory Foam which contains actual diamonds as a superconductor to draw away excess body heat. Read our review of the Beautyrest Black collection »

Beautyrest Platinum: Luxury Meets Value

Beautyrest Platinum mattresses achieve a unique balance of quality and affordability. Platinum models downgrade some of the more expensive features of Beautyrest Black while retaining much of the performance for a better value on luxury sleep. Read our review of the Beautyrest Platinum collection »

Beautyrest Silver: Value and Performance

Beautyrest Silver mattresses offer an exceptional value for quality comfort. By using the predecessors to the cutting-edge components used higher in the Beautyrest series, Silver mattresses achieve advanced performance at affordable prices. Beautyrest Silver models include actual silver strands in their construction to help wick away moisture, regulate temperature, and repel microorganisms. Read our review of the Beautyrest Silver collection »