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TEMPUR-Flex Mattress

The TEMPUR-Flex collection features mattresses with the feel of a traditional mattress, but all of the benefits of TEMPUR material. If you've been interested in the sleep-transforming benefits of TEMPUR material, but are put off by the "quicksand" feel of memory foam, then the TEMPUR-Flex collection is perfect for you. It is designed for easier movement like a traditional mattress, slightly springy, but with all of the benefits of a Tempur-Pedic. Read our review of the Tempurpedic Flex collection »

What Are the Benefits of the TEMPUR Material?

The TEMPUR-Flex collection pairs all of the sleep-transforming benefits of TEMPUR material with a responsive bounce. This is Tempur-Pedic's first hybrid mattress collection, and it introduces an all-new TEMPUR material used in conjunction with the Dynamic Support Layer. Each TEMPUR-Flex mattress also receives an antimicrobial treatment to help keep microorganisms like dust mites at bay. So if you want an antimicrobial mattress that will reduce motion transfer, cradle your body in Tempur-Pedic support, yet feel more like a traditional innerspring mattress, then TEMPUR-Flex is perfect for you.

TEMPUR Foam Comfort and Support

In addition to the other benefits of TEMPUR material, Tempur-Pedic's new lines of sleep cooler mattresses are designed to address one of the biggest complaints of memory foam: heat retention. Tempur-Pedic's latest comfort layers, including TEMPUR-ES and TEMPUR-Response, work with the PureCool Technology and SmartClimate Systems to provide not only outstanding comfort and support, but also cutting-edge temperature regulation to keep you comfortably cool all night long. Tempur-Pedic's advanced memory foam formulas are designed to adjust to your specific body temperature and weight in order to provide you with the ideal levels of support and pressure point relief. Tempur-Pedic was made famous by their memory foam technology over previous decades, and they continue to push the boundaries by developing new and improved formulas.