Traditional Innerspring Mattresses


The Classic Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses were the leading technology for over 100 years, and these tried-and-true designs have been perfected. Over time, they've achieved cost-effectiveness, durability, and quality. New mattress technologies like memory foam and latex have their own benefits. However, innerspring mattresses continue to account for a large percentage of the mattress market.

You may think innerspring technology has been around for a long time and seems dated. The flip side is that this technology has had over a century to evolve and be improved. In fact, many consumers still prefer the traditional feel of an innerspring mattress over the different experiences of memory foam and other materials.

Hybrid mattresses are another new concept of recent years, combining new materials like memory foam with the irreplaceable advantages of an innerspring design. They are often considered to be the best of both worlds, as they combine the benefits of a coil system and pressure-relieving foams.

What is an Innerspring Mattress?

An innerspring mattress utilizes a coil support system, usually made from steel. The main purpose of it is to provide support for your body. Many different spring systems have been developed over the decades.

The advantages of different coil systems range from durability and value to high-end comfort and motion transfer reduction. Factors like coil count and pocketed vs tied coils can change the cost and performance of innerspring mattresses considerably.

If you're unsure what type of mattress to buy, you can check out our Innerspring vs Memory Foam Mattresses page. It will help clarify the main differences between these two kinds of mattresses.

Benefits of Innersprings


Innerspring mattresses are cost-effective. The durability of steel coils combined with typically lower prices makes them an affordable option in many cases. That's not to say all innerspring beds are cheap. In fact, the most high-end mattresses in the world are innersprings.

Wide Variety

There are many types of innerspring beds, varying in price, comfort, and coil systems. There are tons of firmness options, so they're available at every comfort level. From pillow tops to extra-firm beds, there's something to suit everyone.

You can choose between different types of coil systems now. The most traditional coil mattress uses a tied coil design, where all the coils are connected. That style is very durable but can cause a lot of motion transfer if you sleep with a partner.

Pocketed springs are a newer design where the coils move independently. This gives a gentler feel with pinpointed support. This type of coil system is regarded as the better of the two by most mattress experts.

There are even natural options with comfort layers made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton. While a latex mattress is also one way to go natural, innersprings offer a more traditional mattress feel.

Cooler Sleeping

For those who tend to overheat at night, coil mattresses provide good airflow. This removes heat and moisture, so it doesn't stay trapped in the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are known for sleeping hot, although many brands have introduced some innovative measures to prevent that issue.

Great Option For Back Sleepers

Spring mattresses are popular among back sleepers for their ability to provide both contouring and back support simultaneously. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers can find innerspring mattresses that will work well for them too. However, new materials like memory foam can be a better fit for those sleeping positions.


If an innerspring option seems best for you, there are many brands to choose from. Sealy innerspring mattresses are excellent with back support. They range from about $500 to $2,000.

Serta innerspring mattresses are also reputable and run at slightly higher prices. If you're looking for a flippable innerspring, their hotel collection is two-sided.

For something a little more high-end, Simmons innerspring mattresses are luxurious and perform well. You may know them better as Beautyrest. At the height of luxury, we have Hastens and Vispring.

Whatever mattress type you decide on, we've got plenty of options for you! If you need any assistance at all, give us a call at 800-455-1052.