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What is a Low Profile Box Spring?

Same Support, Shorter Height

A low profile box spring (also known as a low profile foundation) serves the same purpose as a normal box spring, but has been slimmed down to compensate for the increasing heights of modern mattresses.

A traditional box spring with a modern mattress is likely to be 4-6 inches, or more, taller than a traditional box spring and old two-sided mattress. Many dislike the increase in height, for aesthetics or being farther from the floor, and the low profile box spring is designed to reduce mattress height closer to what was standard a few decades ago.

Many manufacturers produce low profile box springs and they provide the same amount of support as your standard box springs, they are just shorter to reduce the height of the sleep set. Standard box springs measure 9 inches in height, and low profile box springs measure between 5 and 5.5 inches. The difference in height has no effect on the amount of support they provide to the mattress, and both work with all mattresses and virtually all beds

The Purpose of a Box Spring

While a mattress provides support for your body, a box spring ensures that the mattress itself is properly supported. Box springs will obviously raise the height of a mattress and they also absorb shock to reduce wear on the mattress itself. In a complete bed set, box springs are typically placed on top of a wooden or metal bed frame that is connected to the headboard and footboard. It is also common to see mattresses and box springs used together without a complete bed. If you don't feel the need to have a decorative looking bed, simply place the box spring on the floor or on casters and then set the mattress on top. In essence, a box spring is a solid, flat surface that ensures your mattress won't sag or warp.

Protect Your Warranty

Most manufacturers require that their mattresses be supported by a box spring in order to file a warranty claim. An exception to this is when the mattress is used on a platform bed, since platform beds feature either wooden slats or a deck so the mattress does not require the additional support of a box spring. Simply put, your mattress manufacturer wants a guarantee that any defects with the mattress are actually defects, and not the result of the mattress being placed on an uneven or unsupportive surface that can cause premature sagging or reduce the comfort life of the product.

If you are still unsure whether you should purchase a low profile box spring, or if you have questions about a low profile box spring that you found on our site, give us a call at 1-800-455-1052 to speak with a friendly mattress expert who will be happy to assist you further.