What is an Air Mattress?

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An air mattress is an inflatable mattress that's usually made from vinyl, plastic, or rubber material. In its deflated form, an air mattress can be rolled up or folded to neatly stow away, making them the ideal choice for camping trips or occasional bedding at home for guests. Air mattresses are either inflated by mouth, hand, or with an electric pump. Some higher-end air mattresses are self-inflating. Air mattress technology can also be implemented in mattresses that are intended or nightly use. There are two main types of air mattresses - temporary or permanent.


Air beds are also known as dial mattresses or adjustable air mattresses, and they use air, rather than a coil system or foam core, as a means of support. Air chambers that run through the mattress allow you to adjust and customize your comfort. Sleepers with preferences ranging from plush to firm can find their ideal comfort by adjusting the amount of air in the chambers. Some air mattresses feature a dual-zone technology that allows both sleeping partners to set their side of the mattress according to their tastes. You can sleep soundly in soft, plush comfort while your partner enjoys a firm night of sleep. Some air beds take customization to the next level, giving sleepers the opportunity to customize different zones of the mattress. This is a great option for sleepers with ailments such as a bad back or a weak neck. With more air supporting the areas of the body that need it most, sleepers can rest easy knowing that every part of the body is getting the support it needs.


Temporary air mattresses are lighter and smaller than permanent air mattresses. This type is intended specifically for camping, backpacking, or for overnight guests in the home. Temporary air mattresses use a similar design as permanent air mattresses, but it's pared down considerably. While temporary mattresses are not intended for nightly use, most of them can provide sleepers with adequate comfort and support with occasional use.

Your Perfect Sleep

There's nothing like the bliss of experiencing total comfort on a mattress - that perfect blend of comfort and support that allows you to get your ideal sleep. While some of us can experience our ideal level of comfort from a traditional innerspring or memory foam mattress, others have a very difficult time finding a level of comfort that feels just right. Additionally, many sleepers struggle with having a different comfort preference than their partner. Couples with varying comfort preferences can try to compromise on a mattress that has elements each finds comfortable, but there's a chance that both sleepers will feel dissatisfied. Fortunately, air beds are the perfect solution for those who struggle with finding the perfect level of comfort


US-Mattress has a wide selection of both temporary air mattresses and permanent air beds. If you're not sure which type of air mattress will suit your needs, or you have a question about a specific air mattress you saw on our site, then you can call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with a friendly mattress expert who will provide you will all of the information you need to make an informed and confident purchase.

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