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About Full XL Mattresses

Full XL mattresses are the least common of the seven standard mattress sizes, having the width of a Full and the length of a Queen. This amounts to only a six-inch difference in width from the Queen size, which is why most people would simply opt for the Queen instead of a Full XL. But if you have a Full XL bed or a space where a Queen simply wouldn't fit well, then a Full XL may be the perfect solution. Exactly how big is a Full XL mattress? This chart will help you understand the Full XL mattress dimensions and compare to other mattress sizes.

  • 54" x 80"
  • Width of a Full
  • Length of a Queen/King
  • 5" longer than a Full
  • 6" narrower than a Queen
  • Often the same price as a Queen
  • Queen recommended for sharing

Because of the specialized size of the Full XL, many models are not produced in that size, and the options jump straight from Full to Queen. For single sleepers looking for an extra tall mattress, the Twin XL is a more common solution that has the width of a Twin with the same length as a Queen, King, or Full XL. The Twin XL is obviously more narrow than the Full XL, but it is often more cost-effective and takes up less space in the room while still accommodating extra tall individuals. And while the difference in width between a Twin XL and Full XL is significant (39-inches vs 54-inches), the Full XL is still generally not recommended for sharing so the extra room is really only for individuals who prefer it. If a Queen is simply not an option for you, then the Full XL is much more viable for sharing than the Twin XL, though a better suited Queen size usually costs only slightly more or even the same as a Full XL.

We carry a large selection of models available in the Full XL size, including firm, plush, and pillowtop models from brands like Serta, Simmons, Sealy, and more. No matter what levels of comfort and support you are looking for, we have a Full size XL mattress perfect for you. You'll find memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid options, so no matter what your preference is, we have the size and feel you're looking for.