Beautyrest Black C-Class Firm Mattress Review

Updated January 2, 2023

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The Beautyrest Black C-Class firm mattress is an excellent firm feeling bed by Simmons. It's more expensive than average beds you'll find when shopping, but it has premium materials and features. You can read on for our feedback on this mattress which we've compiled for your benefit:

Comfort Scale Rating

The C-Class Firm mattress has a firm feel, we rate it a 2 on our 10 point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest.)  Look into one of the other C-Class models with a different comfort if you think that this comfort will be too firm for you.

Expert Video Review

Here’s our quick C-Class Firm Video Review. It highlights the features, benefits, and our impression. 


Pros & Cons

  • Premium materials and construction
  • Excellent support and contouring
  • RightTemp Memory Foam layer
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • Trusted Beautyrest Black brand
  • Expensive price
  • No twin size

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Pressure Test Results

We've received and tested the C-Class Firm mattress with petite, average, and large body size people on their side and back sleeping positions to see what kind of support and comfort you can expect.

This bed's comfort will appeal to anyone who likes firm support.  Our testing shows that this model is recommended for nearly everyone and it showed minimal pressure points on any body type or sleep position.  

As you can see from the test results shown below this mattress is a great comfort level for almost all people, with its several layers of comfort foams and pocketed coil system.

The pressure test results for this mattress are not yet available but it will be available soon.  Below is just an example.

LARGE PEOPLELargest 10% of adults 210-273 lbs Large back sleeper heatmapAvg Pressure:   mmHg - Area:   inches2 Large side sleeper heatmapAvg Pressure:   mmHg - Area:   inches2
AVERAGE PEOPLEMiddle 50% of adults 134-218 lbs Average back sleeper heatmapAvg Pressure:   mmHg - Area:   inches2 Average side sleeper heatmapAvg Pressure:   mmHg - Area:   inches2
PETITE PEOPLESmallest 10% of adults 111-135 lbs Petite back sleeper heatmapAvg Pressure:   mmHg - Area:   inches2 Petite side sleeper heatmapAvg Pressure:   mmHg - Area:   inches2

The Main Beautyrest Black C-Class Firm Features in Detail

C-Class Firm Features

1. Antimicrobial Mattress Protection

Keeps mattress fresh and clean from odor causing bacteria.

2. BlackICE 4.0 with Plant-Based Cooling Technology

Cooling materials just beneath the surface enhance heat dissipation that help provide up to 18% more cooling power to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

3. SurfaceTouch Gel Memoy Foam

SurfaceTouch Gel Memory Foam is sewn into the quilt to work directly under the sleep surface to quickly unlock advanced pressure point relief from the moment you lie down.

4. Plush Comfort Foam

High quality comfort foams in different levels of plushness are used in various constructions to create comfort preferences.

5. Self Response Latex 

Arguably the best comfort foam in mattresses, latex provides superior pressure relief for less tossing and turning while pushing back against the body for a more supportive feel. Anti-microbial and anti-dustmite properties contribute to a healthier sleep environment.

6. Alpaca, Cashmere, and Silk Comfort Layer

This layer is 100% natural and will help wick away moisture and enhance the cooling features within the mattress.

7. Firm Comfort Foam

High quality comfort foams in different levels of plushness are used in various constructions to create comfort preferences.

8. T3 Pocketed Coil Technology

Exclusive to Beautyrest Black, this coil works to provide individualized back support, ease of movement, and pressure point relief throughout the night.

9. Energy Foam

This durable foam utilized below the coil unit helps create a supportive, durable foundation for the no-flip mattress design.


The C-Class Firm mattress has a 10-year warranty against factory defects.

Beautyrest Black C-Class FAQs

  1. Can I finance my Beautyrest Black C-Class mattress?

    Yes! You can finance a Beautyrest Black C-Class mattress on US-Mattress with Synchrony HOME, Affirm, or Paypal.

  2. How does the 120-night trial work?

    With the 120-night trial, try the mattress for at least 30 days, and up to 120 nights. If you're not satisfied, you can replace it. All you'll have to pay is a $139 processing fee, shipping and delivery are covered!

  3. What is the cooling system in this Beautyrest Black C-Class mattress?

    This mattress uses the BlackICE 4.0 with plant-basic cooling technology which lies just beneath the surface to enhance heat dissipation.


The Black C-Class firm mattress offers firm support and is made by Simmons, one of the most innovative bedding companies in business today. Since the mattress is very firm, you should only consider this model if you like harder beds, or if you like sleeping on your stomach (firmer beds are best for stomach sleepers.)  This mattress is not recommended for side sleepers or back sleepers, particularly larger-sized people.

It has the same key features as all Beautyrest Black beds: BlackICE cooling material and the Zoned T3 Pocketed Coils. It also has GelTouch Foam which is an advanced cooling and conforming foam. RightTemp is an advanced, premium foam in C-Class and K-Class models. 

It's not a cheap bed and it's not something most people can afford. However, it does offer good value for the price if you are shopping in this price range. The premium cooling materials, the comforting and conforming foams, and the advanced pocketed coil design are all worthy features.  

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Other Comfort Options

If you like the Beautyrest Black C-Class collection, but would rather have it in a different comfort level, check out the other options below.

Beautyrest Black C-Class Firm Specifications:

Product Name
Mattress Comfort
Comfort Scale Number
Coil Count
Coil Gauge
Comfort Padding Layers
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included
Back Support System
Quilt Top of Mattress
Edge Support
Recommended For Side Sleepers Who Weigh
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Recommended For Back Sleepers Who Weigh
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