Beautyrest Black K-Class Mattress Reviews

Updated November 27, 2023

Sleeping couple cuddling on a Beautyrest Black K-Class mattress that is made with luxurious black bedding and set up in a room with a black grid wall design

The Beautyrest Black K-Class Collection is the top of the brand with 2 mattresses to choose from.  This is the new Beautyrest Black K-Class mattress collection. It offers more comfort layers and cooling technology inside the top of the mattress compared to the previous K-Class collection. In addition to the K-Class models, there are three more collections positioned above this one in all of the Beautyrest Black collections, the L-Class, C-Class, and X-Class.

Beautyrest Black Collections

The K-Class is one of 6 available Collections from Beautyrest Black. You can view all the collection comparisons and details.

  1. K-Class - Top of the line with” SurfaceTouch™ Gel Memory Foam and a layer of micro coils.

  2. X-Class Collection - Mid-range hybrids with AirCool Memory Foam and pocketed coils.

  3. C-Class - Mid-range with SurfaceTouch™ Gel Memory Foam.

  4. L-Class - Entry-level.

Beautyrest Black K-Class Mattress Collection Overview

There are core features in the K-Class that this collection shares with the rest of the Beautyrest Black collections. This collection is only for people who like an extra firm mattress or a plush mattress.

All of the mattresses use the Zoned T3 Pocketed Coil design spring system.  The coil design is Beautyrest's most advanced and they only offer it on their luxury Black mattresses.

Also, these mattresses use a top foam layer they call BlackICE with Plant-Based Cooling technology.  This material is the latest in cooling technology. If you put your hand on the mattress you can actually feel the cooling ability.  A cool mattress is important to sleeping well.

The K-Class also has another layer of advanced cooling technology called SurfaceTouch™ Gel Memory Foam. The formulation in RightTemp does, as the name suggests, help maintain an ideal sleeping temperature.

What really makes the K-Class Collection unique in its features is a layer of nano-coils.  This layer of small coils helps to give luxurious conforming and support working together with rich layers of super soft foams.  And being the top of the line from Beautyrest, they've used a generous amount of materials in these three mattresses, so they're taller than average ranging from 15.75" all the way up to 16.5" tall.

Pillow Top Plush full

Type of Construction

The K-Class Collection has all of the features included in the L and C-Class Collections, plus more. Consistent with all Beautyrest Black mattresses, these have traditional springs called the Zoned T3 Pocketed Coil

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Beautyrest Black K-Class Mattresses

Mattress Name

Quick Overview


K-Class Firm Pillowtop

  • Collection: K-Class

  • Comfort: Pillow Top

  • Comfort Scale: 2

  • Coil Count: 815

  • Mattress Height: 15.75"

  • Warranty: 10 Years

  • Guarantee: 120 Days



K-Class Ultra Plush Pillow Top

  • Collection: K-Class

  • Comfort: Pillow Top

  • Comfort Scale: 9

  • Coil Count: 815

  • Mattress Height: 16.5"

  • Warranty: 10 Years

  • Guarantee: 120 Days



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Beautyrest Black K-Class Specs

Product Name

Beautyrest Black K-Firm Pillow Top

Beautyrest Black K-Class Ultra Plush Pillow Top


Beautyrest Black

Beautyrest Black

Mattress Comfort

Pillow Top

Pillow Top

Comfort Scale Number



Coil Count



Coil Gauge






Comfort Padding Layers


  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty Included

Back Support System

Quilt Top of Mattress

Edge Support

Recommended For Side Sleepers Who Weigh

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  • Coming soon!

Recommended For Back Sleepers Who Weigh

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  • Coming soon!

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Pros & Cons

  • Constructed with premium comfort layers, including SurfaceTouch™ Gel Memory Foam

  • Layers of Nano Coils add additional support and contouring 

  • Built on advanced T3 Pocketed Coil springs which provide support and allow minimal motion transfer

  • Advanced cooling technology so you sleep better if you are a hot sleeper

  • Trusted brand

  • Good for most sleeping positions

  • Not the best mattresses for budget shoppers

  • Very tall mattresses, so make sure you pair with low profile foundations

  • Low variety of comfort levels

  • No twin size mattresses

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More on Beautyrest K-Class Features


1. BlackICE 4.0 with Plant-Based Cooling Technology

Exclusive to Beautyrest Black, they've engineered a cooling material that makes sleeping better.

2. Comfort Layer Made With Alpaca, Cashmere & Silk Fibers

Provides soft and luxurious comfort to your sleeping experience.

3. 2K Nano-Coils

In between the foam layers is a layer of nano-coils. What are nano coils? They are soft coil springs that are only about 1" tall. They provide a different type of support and contouring to your pressure points than the other foam layers. But working together they combine for an even better performing bed.

4. Zoned T3 Pocketed Coils

The most advanced pocketed coil to come from Beautyrest, only available on the Black Collection of mattresses.  Better support and contouring.

Beautyrest Black K-Class Model Reviews

Here are the reviews for the models in the K-Class collection.

Delivery Method

Beautyrest Black K-Class mattresses are sold by 'brick-and-mortar' stores and online retailers. They are not available factory directly from Beautyrest. They’re big, heavy mattresses and are delivered by home delivery services. Delivery of your new mattress is free to your front door, for a fee they will do in-home setup along with the removal of an old existing mattress.

Beautyrest Black K-Class FAQs

  1. How many mattresses are in the Beautyrest Black K-Class Collection?

    The Beautyrest Black K-Class Collection is the top of the brand with 2 mattresses to choose from.

  2. What is special about the Beautyrest Black K-Class back support system?

    This collection uses the advanced T3 pocketed coil system as well as 2K Nano-Coils to contour to your pressure points and reduce motion transfer.

  3. What is new to the Beautyrest Black K-Class Collection?

    The new models use SurfaceTouch Gel Memory Foam as well as Alpaca, Cashmere, and Silk Fibers in the comfort layers.

More About the Beautyrest Black Brand

Beautyrest Black is a brand produced by Simmons Bedding Company, which has been a leader in mattress manufacturing for over 100 years. Their Beautyrest Black luxury brand has been sold for many years. As for the parent company Simmons, many people remember the “bowling ball” commercial where a bowling ball was dropped on a mattress to highlight their pocketed coils (a glass of wine would sit undisturbed when the ball bounced on the other side of the bed.)

In recent years Simmons merged with Serta into the Serta Simmons Bedding Company, making them one of the two largest mattress companies in the world (Tempur-Sealy is the other.)  Simmons now markets the Black, Platinum, Silver, and Beautyrest mattress collections.  Their latest addition has been the Simmons bed-in-a-box, two models that are designed to be shipped directly to the customer from the plant.

Being a large manufacturer, Simmons engineers and makes many of its own components in addition to manufacturing. With their longevity and size, they have accumulated a lot of experience and knowledge making mattresses. Simmons makes millions of mattresses each year and they’ve maintained a positive reputation over the long run. While some review sites call out consumer complaints, those sites fail to provide the context that there are tens of millions of customers sleeping on Beautyrest mattresses. And all taken altogether Simmons Beautyrest has a highly positive customer reputation.

What's New

We took a look at what changed from the previous models in the K-Class collection. The new models use SurfaceTouch Gel Memory Foam as well as Alpaca, Cashmere, and Silk Fibers in the comfort layers.  The new collection does not have a medium model.


The K-Class is the top of the line from Beautyrest Black.  There are two mattresses in the collection that offer a decent range in feels from firmer to softer, so there is a model that can appeal to most people's sleeping preferences.  The beds are richly appointed with premium materials and are very tall because of this.

The top of these mattresses has the first key featured material, BlackICE with Plant-Based Cooling Technology, which helps to keep you cool as you lay down and drift off to sleep.  A cool bed is very important to get a good night's rest. If your bed is hot it is hard to get the deep sleep your body needs. The two mattresses are pillow-top mattresses 

The K-Class also has a layer of RightTemp™ memory foam.   This also helps to keep the mattress cool while you sleep. SurfaceTouch™ Gel Memory Foam is the latest in cooling and contouring memory foam and each bed has a 3/4" layer.

A layer of nano-coils is unique to this collection.  Usually found in luxury mattresses like these, the small springs help provide their own kind of contouring support working together with the other foam layers to provide pressure relief.

The K-Collection is their top line, and therefore, so is the price.  You can get high-quality beds for less, even from the other Black collections, so why buy this mattress?  If you have the money to consider a mattress without the price, and you want a rich feeling, high-quality mattress then these beds are worth considering.  You get very premium materials and lots of them, and they come together for great feeling beds.

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