Tempurpedic Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm Review

Updated November 13, 2023

An older couple and their dog enjoy a Luxe Adapt Firm split king mattress on an adjustable base

Have you been considering a new Tempur-Pedic Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm mattress? Read our review below for details on the features and our expert recommendations.

Comfort Scale Rating

The Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm mattress has a medium comfort that we rate 4 on our 10-point Comfort Scale (a 1 is hard, 10 is softest). This is a neutral feel that will appeal to most people. If this is too firm, check out the soft version of this mattress. 

Expert Video Review

Here’s our quick Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm Video Review. It highlights the features, benefits, and our impression.

Pros & Cons

  • Tested very well for all sleepers
    • Pressure-relieving
    • Supportive
  • Comes from the brand that started memory foam
  • Minimal motion transfer
  • High-quality materials are durable
  • Adjustable base compatible
  • Neutral feeling comfort works well for many people
  • Quite expensive
  • No edge support

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The Main Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm Features in Detail

Illustration of the layers of the Luxe Adapt Firm mattress

  1. SmartClimate Dual Cover System

    This cool-to-the-touch cover is very stretchy and zips off.

  2. Original Tempur

    This soft layer works with the other layers to support the body and provide a relaxing feel.

  3. Tempur-APR+

    This support layer provides both excellent support and more pressure relief, creating a conforming support system. 

Comfort Depth Video

We measured how far your hips and shoulders sink into the Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm mattress with different body types.

Andrew's Comfort View


Aaron's Comfort View


Richard's Comfort View

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The Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm mattress has a 10-year warranty against factory defects.


The Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm mattress is a high-quality all-foam mattress with a medium-firm feel. IFor a softer feel, check out the soft version of this mattress.  It performs very well for anyone as we saw in our pressure tests. We saw really good support and pressure relief, it earned a score of 'Recommended' for all body types and sleep positions.

If you sleep with a partner, you'll feel hardly any motion from their movements. The cover is cool to the touch, and you can easily zip it off to wash it.

The one downside is the lack of edge support, so you might get that feeling of slipping off the edge if you're too close. Sitting on the edge might not be very easy, so I wouldn't recommend this for anyone who has a hard time getting in and out of bed.

It's on the expensive side, but if you're looking to invest some money into your mattress, I'd recommend the Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm. It'll be extremely comfortable all night long with its pressure relief abilities and cooling technology.

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Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm Specifications:

Product Name

Tempur Luxe Adapt Firm Mattress

Queen Price



Mattress Comfort


Comfort Scale Number


Coil Count


Coil Gauge




Comfort Padding Layers
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturer's defects

  • No Flip, No Rotate

  • Non-prorated

Back Support System
  • Tempur Foam

Quilt Top of Mattress
Edge Support
  • None

Recommended For Side Sleepers Who Weigh
  • 210-273 lbs

  • 134-218 lbs

  • 111-135 lbs

Recommended For Back Sleepers Who Weigh
  • 210-273 lbs

  • 134-218 lbs

  • 111-135 lbs

About the Author, Juliana Huhta, Mattress Expert

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